We’re Not Number One, We’re Not Number One! Qatar Takes The Cake As Fattest Nation On Earth

The United States achieved a major victory last week by avoiding the title as the fattest nation on Earth. That distinction goes to the wealthiest nation on Earth: Qatar where half of the population is obese and seventeen percent are suffering from diabetes.

We secured the bronze in third with one-third of our population in the obese category and eight per cent diabetic.
By comparison America, which is often assumed to be the fattest, looks positively slim with a third of adults obese and eight per cent diabetic.

While once a lean tribal population, Qataris are now largely sedentary and employ an army of servants. They have also developed a taste for fast food.

Another problem in the country is a high rate of birth defects due to intermarrying among Qataris. The worst for such defects remains the United Arab Emirates followed by Saudi Arabia due to the same intermarriage traditions.

The obesity rate however represents the most serious threat to the nation with children showing the same medical problems associated with high weight. While robes can be slimming, they cannot hide the expanding waistlines on the population.

Source: Atlantic and Daily Mail

8 thoughts on “We’re Not Number One, We’re Not Number One! Qatar Takes The Cake As Fattest Nation On Earth”

  1. Ah, the benefits of modernity. Native Americans, at least a good portion, used to be a minimalist, nomadicp eople too. Before the advent of, well, the US and all the attendant benefits, from booze, to partially hydrogenated oils, to the industry-dominated FDA, Agriculture Dept., television, soda pop, junk food, etc etc. The Native Americans have all the same markers of decline including obesity and diabetes. And while we’re immensely proud to not be #1, we are so far toward the bottom of the barrel you would think there would be some comprehensive concern. I think it’s hopeless where to begin.

    Thus ends the lesson for today.

  2. Well, of course people in Qatar are going to be fat, if they take the cake. Leave the cake alone, Qatarites!

  3. Maybe if their diet consisted of more tongue of castrated rooster, they might shed a few pounds. Or maybe not. Maybe then Qatar would be a country full of nervious and soon to be traumatized chickens.

  4. There are some studies in the U.S. that link obesity here to the human mocrobiome.

    Science Daily

    When people who are unfamiliar with the science are asked “what are microbes?”, they answer “Fat judges from Micronesia.”

  5. That’s one of the problems with new found wealth….. This country unlike most UAEs shares its wealth(oil) with its citizens……

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