Second Suspect Arrested In Brutal Attack On Tourist In Baltimore

Baltimore police have arrested a second suspect in the beating, stripping, and robbing of a tourist in Baltimore. Shayona Davis, 20, is now behind bars as the police search for two more suspects.

We previously discussed the almost immediate denial that the attack on the white tourist by a mob was racially motivated — a decision that was difficult to square with the only evidence at the time, a video showing the victim being not only beaten but stripped and humiliated by the mob. The first suspect, Aaron Parsons, was arrested last week.

Davis is now charged with assault and armed robbery. She is shown striking the victim with her high-heeled shoe. A plea is likely to be sought and I hope that the prosecutors do not cut a deal on the case since the video is conclusive as to the elements. Davis and the others represent an extreme threat to society as people who are not only willing to assault a helpless man but seem to enjoy the experience of harming and humiliating him. That makes them an extreme danger to any community.

Police are also looking for 18-year-old Deangelo Carter and 21-year-old Shatia Baldwin. Anyone with information should call Warrant Apprehension Task Force at 410-637-8970.

Source: CBS

13 thoughts on “Second Suspect Arrested In Brutal Attack On Tourist In Baltimore”

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  2. Hi, Rick Roberts! I live here. It’s not so bad… There are assholes that do shit like this in every city. It happens.

    On another note, I thought it was weird, but they mentioned on the news last night that this woman has a juvenile record and even said what was in it. I thought that would’ve been something they wouldn’t necessarily have access to as a regular matter.

    I also noticed that when the story aired again later in the night, they didn’t mention that, but only her arrest on 12/23/11 for 2nd-degree assault and false imprisonment (which she was on bail for, apparently).

  3. It was Saint Patricks Day in full bloom. Blame it on the Irish blood in all of them.

  4. It’s not about Baltimore. Those people do not represent the city. The people who participated in this are, indeed, extremely dangerous to the community as is evidenced by their behavior in this video. This type of behavior could have, and probably has, happened in any area of our country.

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