Meet Paul Hayward: The Neighbor From Hell

If you ever have problems with your neighbor, just think of Paul Hayward. Hayward, 49, harassed his neighbors for ten years by making 150 silent telephone calls, ordering hundreds of unwanted taxis, and even ordering two tons of coal to the homes of his victims. He was ultimately sentenced to 14 months in jail after breaching an “anti-social behaviour order” on 19 occasions.

An older couple Patricia Jones and Jim and Jill Thomas was required to live in this constant harassment as the legal system struggled to force Hayward to stop in South Wales. I am not sure why it took so long. The first breach of the order would have been enough to be held in contempt in the United States.

Ironically, the Jones’ looked after Hayward’s two children when he moved in ten years ago. Then it began from Chinese delivery to taxis that they never ordered. They said that he even tormented their 43-year-old daughter Rachel who suffers from cerebral palsy by blocking her with his car and wheelie bin to block her access. They claim that he threw mud, eggs, stones and food at their property. He was found to have made over 100 calls to the couple in one day.

His lawyers arguments on mitigation was intriguing: he was not trying to cause fear, just stress. While I understand that threats are punished more severely, this pattern would seem to be more than just stress. If if it were just intended to cause misery, I do not understand why he could get away with it so long.

Source: Daily Mail

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  1. Woosty wrote:

    lovely…but what if the ‘bully’ is a lawyer?….or a clutch of local cops?….or a Judge?….

    more common than most people think….


    Yep. Right on the mark.

  2. Gene H.
    1, April 25, 2012 at 10:03 am
    lovely…but what if the ‘bully’ is a lawyer?….or a clutch of local cops?….or a Judge?….

    more common than most people think….

  3. Thank you OS…. Interesting….to say the least…. Neighborhood Watch…. Hmmm….sounds a lot like Florida.

  4. Too much bullying and harassment these days, AY and rafflaw.

    “His lawyers arguments on mitigation was intriguing: he was not trying to cause fear, just stress.” -Jonathan Turley

    This non-lawyer would suggest that he caused both.

  5. Onee hell of a neighbor. This guy needs to have a neighbor who will pick up his soap when he drops it!
    Anon nurse,
    sad story!

  6. Teacher/Bully: How My Son Was Humiliated and Tormented by his Teacher and Aide

    “My name is Stuart Chaifetz, and my son, Akian, is a ten-year old boy who has Autism. Akian has always been a sweet and non-violent child, and that is why it was so distressing when notes started coming home from his school, Horace Mann Elementary in Cherry Hill, New Jersey, saying that he was having violent outbursts, including him hitting his teacher and aide.

    I could not understand why this was happening. I had never witnessed Akian hit anyone, nor could I dream of him lashing out as had been described to me. In October, I had a meeting with the IEP team (the teacher, school social worker, occupational therapist and speech teacher) to try to figure out what was going on. From that meeting, a behaviorist was called in who wrote a report. I sat down with the behaviorist on February 8, 2012 to review the findings.

    It was pointless; even though the behaviorist was in the classroom a number of times, not only had he never witnessed any violent event, but when he tried to create a scenario that would cause one to happen, he failed.

    Something was terribly wrong. I felt I was beginning to lose my son — that these outbursts were changing his very nature. The teacher and school social worker tried to downplay it, to the point of almost mocking me for my concern. But I knew my son. I knew this wasn’t him. And I knew I had to find out what was happening in his class that was having such a dramatic impact on him.

    On the morning of Friday, February 17, 2012, I wired my son and sent him to school. That night, when I listened to the audio my life forever changed, for I heard my son being bullied by his teacher and aide.”

  7. Bron, I never heard of the gentleman in question. Since he initiated filing an official report to the FAA, there is not much they can do to him. Preemptive legal strike as it were. They could “suspend” his expired pilot’s license, but lessee……there seems to be a problem with that as well. Thanks for the story. Glad to see a fellow senior citizen still able to multitask with the best of them.

  8. AY Mr. McElroy had an unfortunate accident – apparently he tripped & fell on a bullet in the middle of the street in broad daylight in the presence of several of his neighbors . . . none of whom saw a thing.

  9. That is one of the most punchable noses I’ve seen in a while.
    It’s a pity that he’s not in the US, where civil lawsuits would have cost him his house and property long ago, and where it could have resulted in a few gunshot wounds.

  10. Somebody should have reminded him of what happened to Ken McElroy in Missouri one fine day.

  11. Not much of a neighbor if he didn’t indulge them with pizza, haggis….. I suppose he gave new meaning to the terms post but crawl…..

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