Torts v. Contracts: The Movie

Like all great historical moments, it was only a matter of time before Hollywood got hold of the recent the victory of the George Washington Law School’s Torts versus Contracts Paintball battle and turned it into a movie. The trailer has just come out that the work of director Josh Hall raises obvious comparisons to “Saving Private Ryan” and “The Longest Day.” Obviously, people back “in the world” will never quite understand the emotions and trauma and fellowship that emerged in the epic two and a half hour battle, but Hall’s masterpiece captures the sounds and views of the running battle with the help of his helmet cam.

The victory of the Torts Team over the Contracts team has been legitimately compared to the Battles of Thermopylae and other historic struggles. The triumph over the forces of UCC has been attributed to divine intervention and patriotic zeal. However, in the end one fights for the man to your left and the man to your right. The torts team (Jonathan Foster, Jeff Gilson, David Glanton, and Josh Hall) gathered below after the battle to review the horrific but inspiring results:

8 thoughts on “Torts v. Contracts: The Movie”

  1. i was thinking more of “saving ryans privates” or “rubber band of brothers”.

  2. I shall speak to the Condo Association Board about this outrageous use of our condo complex for such rowdy purposes. And one of the miscreants went right through my bedroom!

    The horror…..the horror.

  3. I hope you enjoyed spoils. It looks to have been hot! I think you must have known going into this, the potential for torts was far greater than that for contracts. Who knows though. The professor used to get calls from people who wanted to make a show about his life and work.

  4. And the sequel will be “The longest Yard”……

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