White House: President Is “Crystal Clear” On His Position On Gay Marriage . . . He Has No Firm Position On Gay Marriage

No wonder President Obama is so supportive of evolution, he finds it essential to explain both scientific and political developments. Faced with Vice President Joe Biden’s moment of honesty in a weekend interview that he is “comfortable” with same-sex marriage, White House Spokesman Jay Carney appeared to have a brain aneurysm in trying to respond to questions about the President’s position on one of the most fundamental civil rights issues of our generation. Since Biden had clearly “evolved” into supporting same-sex marriage, the reporters wanted to know the status of the President’s long evolution. It appears that Australopithecus evolved faster that President Obama on this civil rights question because Carney kept repeating he is still “evolving” over and over again.

Dana Milbank had a great line that Biden had “the classic Washington gaffe of accidentally speaking the truth.” Obama’s position is now so completely dishonest and conflicted that reporters appeared to openly mock Carney.

Reporters asked why the president would not “stop dancing around the issue” and correctly called the president’s treatment of issue as “cynical.” NBC’s Chuck Todd noted, “So help me out here. He opposes bans on gay marriage, but he doesn’t yet support gay marriage?”

Carney was left mumbling nonsense and repeating that “He, as you know, said that his views on this were evolving” and “It is as it was.”

This farce culminated with Carney insisting “His views are crystal clear.”

I have long been critical of the lack of principles of Obama on civil liberties as well as some civil rights questions like same-sex marriage. Throughout his presidency, Obama has refused to fight on principle in these areas when it would cost him politically. Same-sex marriage represents one of the most contemptible examples. this is like remaining uncommitted on inter-racial marriage before the ruling in Loving v. Virginia. Obama has gone through the state legislature, the United States Senate, and virtually all of his first term without “evolving” to support gay and lesbian citizens on this basic right.

Source: Washington Post

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