Discovery of Oldest Mayan Calendar Debunks Predictions of End of The World in 2012

For the ten percent of the world population who believes the world end end according to the Mayan calendar, you may want to make plans for 2013. For months, experts have been saying that this is simply hogwash. Now the oldest-known version of the ancient Maya calendar has been discovered in ruins of a city deep in the Guatemalan rainforest and it shows, as previously said, that the Mayans not only believes life would go on past 2012 but would continue for centuries and centuries.

The hieroglyphs, painted in black and red, appear to have been used as a reference chart for court scribes in A.D. 800. Archaeologist David Stuart of the University of Texas said
“The Mayan calendar is going to keep going for billions, trillions, octillions of years into the future.”

I am personally going to appear in Time Square on my next trip to New Year with a sign reading :Life Will End In Octrillion Years. Are You Ready?”

Source: Live Science

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  1. We will ultimately kill ourselves through our own means of war for the pure valiance of ourselves before mother nature even has a chance to re-birth herself!

  2. Thank you Phil

    These would be very comforting words of wisdom were it not for the fact that the previous earth change, number 4, seriously inconvenienced some dinosaurs.

    OK – I’m using the word ‘fact’ loosely here. So sue me.

  3. they never said it was the end of the world as usual u people continue to interpret writings that you dont understand its the end of the cycle of the mayan calender and then it begins again but they have writings that say the earth has been changed 4 times and this is the 5th what that means no one knows but stayed tuned its coming soon

  4. @Linda Frey: All we can do is prepare, research, study, be ready, and see what happens.

    If the world ends, there really is no plausible route to survival for any of us. So it is impossible to “be ready” in any useful sense at all. Being “ready” implies enabling humanity or survivors to meet some challenges, but if our planet is literally destroyed we all go with it. No survivors. So isn’t all that study and prep work wasted?

  5. Linda Frey,
    “All we can do is prepare, research, study, be ready, and see what happens.”
    Yes, Just as we did for the year 2000. Shall we all
    contribute to the May nn list of indications?

  6. Interesting this would all come out, just before the May 20th date. If you haven’t read about this date, get educated on it. Research it. May 20, 2012 is not a date that was cooked up by religious fanatics, or conspiracy theorists. We know there will be a solar eclipse on that day, so I started researching, then read where Nostradamus made a prediction that collaborates with a solar eclipse on that day. He spoke about the 20th of Taurus, referencing a great earthquake, that troubles air, sky, and land. Then I found a video where in 2005, 2 crop circles were found, containing Mayan calendar dates. The dates? May 20, and June 6. On June 6 we have the very rare Transit of Venus. In the middle of the circle, was the solar eclipse. Look that up. Also on May 20, is the NATO Summit meeting in Chicago. One of Obama’s top aides met with Russian leaders, and told them out of his own mouth, the world might be ending on May 20th! He quoted Nostradamus’s predictions. Why all the connections for this date? The solar eclipse will reach parts of the world, over 2 days of May 20-21. Now, last year when Harold Camping made his predictions for May 21st, I didn’t believe the nut. But just maybe, he was feeling the date…and got the year wrong. Who knows? The great earthquake in the Bible comes to mind. The scriptures that mention the sun being darkened, and the moon turning to blood. That could very well be a solar and lunar eclipse, or blood moon. I’m not religious in any way, but I am spiritual. And though we don’t know the dates, we can sure know by the signs. My birthday is May 20th, that’s also the 1 yr. Anniversary of my nephew’s passing. So this date speaks to me, after reading up on all the info., and it was just mind boggling. There’s a video about it on YouTube called the great earthquake. All we can do is prepare, research, study, be ready, and see what happens.

  7. The world could end when the Iranians sell a nuclear bomb to some extremist group and they then bomb Moscow and blame it on Obama.
    The nukes go back and forth and then Moscow decides to lay some nukes on China who in turn decides to get even with Taiwan and Japan and thence the French send some nukes to Iran. The fallout is horrendous and life ends in five years. All because no American leaders would listen to Roseann-Roseann ODana thirty years ago when she called for the United States (in song) to : Bomb, bomb, bomb, bomb bomb Iran, etc

  8. “I will say this…The world will end when it ends and not a minute before.”

    Well, maybe a MINUTE before, but then who’s counting?

  9. sling

    there is an inexpensive patch available for the mayan systems but shipping for the 3 ton stone is a real bitch.

  10. And then all the people with Inca-jet printers… Them too!

  11. “The end of the world as some call it in decimalized roman integers goes from 12,19,19,17,19 to 13, which happens to largely correspond to our date system as December 21, 2012
    So that’s just about it. Kind of like when your odometer in your car goes from 9999.9 miles to 00000.0 Your car does not blow up on you when this happens I am glad to report.”

    That’s all very well for you maybe, but those of us with Mayan computer systems are gonna be screwed. Just like the Millenium ‘bug’.

  12. Sorry for not having exact numbers but about 15 years ago a learned friend of mine and I studied for ourselves the Mayan Calendar with reference as to why there was an end date associated with this and why. I postulated the “end” time would correspond to a round whole number, meaning something to the order of 1000, 5000, 10,000 etc.

    The Maya System of Numbers uses a Base-20 or vigesimal system, (ie 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,A,B,C,D,E,F,G,H,I,J then 10, 11, 12 etc) The system used (in decimal) 360 days per year and also the Sacred Round or 260 day cycle. We interwove this into both Julian and Gregorian calendar dates, accounting for the lost / gained days for calendar adjustments in 1582 and 1752 for the Western World.

    Factoring this information and speculating for lost celestial time due to variances We arrived at the conclusion what was going on.

    The most significant digit for purposes of our study was the Baktun, which consisted of 144,000 days roughly. A Baktun consists of 20 Katuns, which consists of 20 tuns, which consists of 18 winal cycles of twenty days each (Vigesimal System). Think of it this way Thousand consists of 10 Hundreds which consists of 10 tens which consists of 10 ones. (decimal system) We represent this as 1/10/2006 Mayans represent this as if they used our system of numbers and not their symbology.

    What it ended up being was what I had suspected. It was a large number. The end of the world as some call it in decimalized roman integers goes from 12,19,19,17,19 to 13, which happens to largely correspond to our date system as December 21, 2012

    So that’s just about it. Kind of like when your odometer in your car goes from 9999.9 miles to 00000.0 Your car does not blow up on you when this happens I am glad to report.

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