A Mother’s Day Martini

Submitted by Elaine Magliaro, Guest Blogger

I LOVE champagne mangoes. When they’re in season, I keep them on hand to eat as a snack or for breakfast with some strawberries. A few weeks ago, I puréed some champagne mangoes and fed them to my granddaughter for lunch. She loves them too!

Looking at the puréed mangoes, I got the idea of inventing a cocktail. My first attempt met with a highly positive response from my “cocktail tasters.” I thought I’d share my champagne mango recipe with Turley Blawg readers—in case they’re looking for a special drink to serve to their mothers on Mother’s Day.

Champagne Mango Martini

2 jiggers vodka

2 jiggers champagne mango purée

1 jigger triple sec

1 jigger freshly squeezed lemon juice

1 jigger simple syrup

Pour all ingredients into a cocktail shaker filled with ice. Shake vigorously. Strain into a martini glass and garnish with a strawberry. Tell your mothers to sit back, relax, sip, and enjoy!

42 thoughts on “A Mother’s Day Martini”

  1. Elaine,

    It was a wonderful day. I’ve always loved Mother’s Day, even as kid I preferred it to Easter.

    What a particularly warm feeling you must enjoy watching your mother and granddaughter together … thinking about it brings a happy tear to my eye.

  2. Blouise,

    Glad you an Tex liked the mango martini. I enjoy coming up with different food recipes and cocktails.

    Hope you had a great Mother’s Day. I had a wonderful day with my family–especially my little granddaughter. She really brings my elderly mother to life.

  3. Okay, as mention earlier, I don’t know much about mangoes. I couldn’t get to the store before Mother’s Day but I went on Monday and found champagne mangoes without any problem.

    I had read junctionshamus’ post before leaving so also picked up the fresh herbs.

    Tex and I tried Elaine’s Champagne Mango Martini Monday evening and loved it. (I’m a vodka fan)

    Last evening we tried junctionshamus’ Herbal-Tini and loved that too. (Tex is a gin fan)

    It’s going to be a happy summer.

    1. @Blouise – If it’s that happy, will you remember it? Hopefully, only the best parts, as we head into a mean Fall.

      Wake me when I’m sober, on/about 11/07…

    1. @Elaine: No problem –

      Had my first this past Saturday. First of many to come!

      Mrs. Junctionshamus loves mangos. This could be the summer replacement for Mimosas.

      Wonder what other drinks this esteemed group has planned for the summer (other than scotch neat or a beer-and-a-bump for idealist707 😉 ).

  4. Try this one on for size:



    24 fresh mint sprigs (4 in. each), rinsed
    12 fresh rosemary sprigs (3 in. each), rinsed
    3/4 cup superfine sugar
    2 oranges (6 oz. each), chilled, rinsed, and quartered
    2 1/4 cups gin, chilled in the freezer
    1 cup plus 2 tablespoons fresh lime juice (from about 7 limes), chilled
    1 1/2 cups soda water, chilled
    Fresh mint leaves, rinsed


    1. In a 2 1/2- to 3-quart pitcher, combine mint sprigs, rosemary sprigs, and sugar. With a long-handled wooden spoon, muddle (or crush) the herbs and sugar together. Squeeze juice from oranges into pitcher, then drop quarters in. Press a few times with spoon to release oil from orange peels. Stir in gin, lime juice, and 1/2 cup ice water. Mix until sugar is dissolved. Serve (see step 2), or cover and chill up to 4 hours (see notes). If using martini glasses, chill in freezer.

    2. To serve, slowly pour chilled soda water into the pitcher, down the side. Stir gently to blend. Pour through a strainer into chilled martini glasses or ice-filled glasses. Float a mint leaf on top of each. Serve at once.


    Crushed mint turns dark after about 20 minutes. If you’d like to make this drink up to 4 hours ahead, strain the mixture just before your guests arrive, return it to the pitcher, then add a handful of fresh mint leaves.

  5. Anon,

    My comment was intended as humor. Didn’t mean to offend.

    I’ve only seen mangoes as dried snack. Going to the co-op Tues that has lots of organic stuff. Will give them a try if they have fresh ones.

  6. idealist707,

    Are you colorblind? Does that champagne mango martini look GREEN to you? The flesh of champagne mangoes is golden orange. It is tangy, succulent, and delicious. Don’t knock them until you’ve tried them. They are much more enjoyable to eat than lutefisk/lutfisk.


  7. ElaineM,

    Thanks for reminding me who the drink is for.

    But joining the ladies, gets me running down the macho crowd. I happen to like paté, as do most Europeans.

    I’m not admissible to the sisters club and should shut up.
    Will draw quietly backwards and enjoy the over-heard
    chatter. I think I got the hint. Well concealed.

  8. I’ve never paid much attention to mangos but this looks too good to pass up.

    1. I’m guessing they are like sour peaches. Please tell me I’m wrong. That shade of green makes me think of unpleasant things.
      Sensitively yours, Smile.

  9. anon,

    What’s your problem? Who’s bashing fathers? Ever hear of something called a “sense of humor?” My husband thought the video was funny.

  10. You can lead me to water and make me drink. As long as the water is beer. Or certain other preferable beverages. I’m not partial to mangoes. How about a Tequila Sunrise?

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