A Mother’s Day Martini

Submitted by Elaine Magliaro, Guest Blogger

I LOVE champagne mangoes. When they’re in season, I keep them on hand to eat as a snack or for breakfast with some strawberries. A few weeks ago, I puréed some champagne mangoes and fed them to my granddaughter for lunch. She loves them too!

Looking at the puréed mangoes, I got the idea of inventing a cocktail. My first attempt met with a highly positive response from my “cocktail tasters.” I thought I’d share my champagne mango recipe with Turley Blawg readers—in case they’re looking for a special drink to serve to their mothers on Mother’s Day.

Champagne Mango Martini

2 jiggers vodka

2 jiggers champagne mango purée

1 jigger triple sec

1 jigger freshly squeezed lemon juice

1 jigger simple syrup

Pour all ingredients into a cocktail shaker filled with ice. Shake vigorously. Strain into a martini glass and garnish with a strawberry. Tell your mothers to sit back, relax, sip, and enjoy!

42 thoughts on “A Mother’s Day Martini”

  1. Yes, for Mother’s Day let’s perpetuate sexist tropes and gratuitous father bashing. Great idea.

    When Father’s Day comes around, let’s just call women bitches and demand blow jobs.

  2. bettykath,

    Tossing a paper towel on the floor. Isn’t that just like a man maid? As they say: “You can lead a horse to water…but you can’t make him drink.”


  3. Oh, dear. Just like a man. He cleans up the spill and tosses the paper towel on the floor so she can still pick up after him. : (

  4. idealist707,

    I don’t know any mothers who are “real men.” Maybe I’ll invent a Bourbon Bomb cocktail for Father’s Day. Whaddya think?

  5. Just to cast a vote for the guys not here (they don’t hava any mothers, they were hatched).

    As they would say: Real men don’t eat mangoes, much less drink them. And Triple Sec, did you mean Triple Sex? That’s what I like. Gimme more. And a side of Sour Mash. Yahoo!

  6. Swarthmore Mom,

    I hate you folks in Texas. Hill country peaches!

    Thanks to a little Mediterranian merchant, we get the best from there. But it is never as good as close grown. But you’ve got Swedish summer already down there. Such luck, but August is hell I guess.

    I still remember, longingly, the barbecue and home style vegetables, going through the line, and eating peach cobbler and occasionally vanilla ice cream on top.

    Somewhere close to Ericson in Dallas. Spring St.??

    Anyway you don’t have to go there for good beef barbecue. Or obviously peach deep dish cobbler.

  7. BettyKath (and other ladies)

    Please send copy to someone in Congress to read aloud.
    And a copy to Obama and the RNC.
    Looks like a Nordic sweep except for our friends downunder.
    The best part in Sweden is that the pre-natial starts when you are still a teenager. “Be Prepared” is the Swedish girls marching song (thanks Tom Lehrer—although his text is not used here).

    The only thing missing are the French post-natal exercises. Getting to be friends with your old buddy and getting it in form again. Too intimate for you, am I? Well talk with your gyn and see what he says about American care, or lack of it.

    I’m not the man who puts on his pajama trousers and goes asleep or turns on the sports channel post-coitum.

    You know, the ones who say I’ve done mine; now the rest is up to her.

  8. Especially for Mother’s Day:

    The NGO Save the Children just published its 2012 Mothers’ Index, ranking 165 countries from best to worst places for the women who become mothers, and for the children they give birth to.

    These are the 11 best nations (10th place was a tie) for women to become mothers:

    1 Norway
    2 Iceland
    3 Sweden
    4 New Zealand
    5 Denmark
    6 Finland
    7 Australia
    8 Belgium
    9 Ireland
    10 (a tie) Netherlands/United kingdom

    All of those best nations for mothers have two things in common that the United States does **NOT** have.

    1) They all have a form of universal public funded healthcare coverage to care for the health necessities of all of their citizens… everyone.

    2) All of those 11 nations’ public funded universal healthcare systems have national GDP% per capita costs that are far less than in the US.

    The US is 25th.

  9. Don’t forget to make one for Mom. Remember, you’re the reason she drinks. -bettykath

    lol, bettykath.


    Printing the recipe. Yum.

  10. Don’t forget to make one for Mom. Remember, you’re the reason she drinks.

  11. Swarthmore mom,

    I had my first taste of champagne mangoes just a few years ago. Fortunately, the small local grocery store where I buy them carries ripe/near ripe mangoes. I haven’t had such good luck with the regular mangoes that are available around these parts.

    The mango creme pie sounds delicious.

    Blueberry season hasn’t hit here yet. I like the little wild Maine blueberries–and my husband LOVES blueberry pie.

  12. The champagne mango is especially fresh in Texas because they are grown nearby in Mexico, Elaine. They are good in salsa, too.

  13. I had a fresh mango creme pie a few weeks ago when the mangoes were at their peak, but I will have to take a pass on the cocktail. It does sound delicious, though, Elaine. I do splurge and buy containers of already pealed mangoes for snacking. Now the Texas blueberries are in season. Soon it will be the hill country peaches….

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