13 thoughts on “Why Is It So Much Easier To Get Dirty Than To Get Clean?”

  1. I have a pic of my lil’ bro at like 3/4 years old fast asleep in a huge batch of hallah dough. It is too cute.

  2. If he was spun around and asleep on the fixture behind him, that could have been me in college.

  3. Pete:

    I had a similar problem when I was 2 or 3 years old. I remember one time I put on my favorite red shirt with a Mickey Mouse logo on the front. But, I had mistakenly put it on backward. Being the extremely lazy child I was then I just ignored it. My Mom asked me if I wanted to take it off and put it on right and I said I didn’t want to. We then went up to Beehive Reservoire near Wenatchee for a picnic and fishing trip. Someone took a picture of me, complete with my shirt on backwards, and just under the the front of my neck the label was sticking up in all its glory . Now, it is eternally set on page 2 of my family album, forty years of wardrobe malfunctioning embarassment.

  4. Getting dirty is fun, getting clean is work.

    Jacuzzi will develop a kid-washer with fun specialty parts for rumps, z xtanding helmet to stick your head in, activated when you push your head agoinst the top (kid
    safety) which plays their favorite song. etc. Special attention will be aidmed at behind the ears.

    Reconfigurable as the child grows for up to 18 years.
    Unapproved use is not covered by product liability. See fine print.

  5. striped shirt and flowered britches. somebody can dress himself too.

  6. Fantastic picture! I can remember falling asleep right into my beer! Ah, 7pm, just another 21 hours.

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