Woman Admits That She Falsely Accused Convicted High School Student of Rape After He Serves His Time In Jail . . . Woman Keeps $1.5 Million Award As Rape Victim

Brian Banks was a former high school football star when he was accused of rape by Wanetta Gibson. Gibson’s name was sealed as a rape victim while Banks was publicly accused as a rapist despite his insistence that it was consensual sex. It was his word against hers and prosecutors threatened him with life imprisonment if he went to trial, so he pleaded guilty to a rape that he did not commit. He spent five years in jail. When he was released he was surprised when his “victim” asked to befriend him on Facebook. She later admitted that she made the whole thing up but did not want to give back the $1.5 million that she won in a judgment against the school district for her alleged rape. She retains the money despite admitting to lying about the rape.

Banks was 16 and a student at Long Beach Poly High School when he said that he made out with Gibson but did not go beyond groping and kissing. He was a talented football star being scouted by colleges for possible scholarships. The ended the same day when Gibson accused him of rape. Prosecutors pushed forward with the case despite an absence of critical forensic evidence and the fact that Gibson’s account changed over time. Banks’ mother sold her condo and her car to pay for his defense.

After his release, Gibson met Banks and agreed to speak in front of an investigator. She is quoted as saying “I will go through with helping you but it’s like at the same time all that money they gave us, I mean gave me, I don’t want to have to pay it back.”

Since this case occurred ten years ago, it is not clear if Gibson will even be investigated, let alone charged for her false statements. In the meantime, she is keeping the money . . . what she has not already spent.

There is also no response from prosecutors on why they pushed forward with the case given the conflicts in the account of the alleged victim and absence of forensic evidence establishing guilt.

A judge has finally expunged the conviction of Banks so that he does not have to remain on parole. He already served the jail time.
Source: ABA Journal

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  1. This woman is no sociopath and calling her such just makes an excuse of her behavior.She is a criminal of the highest order and should be sued and put in jail.If you check NOW’S website you will find that lesbian’s, some of them feminists, rape and otherwise abuse women at the same rate as men, However,while NOW vilifies men for such behavior,their approach to criticizing women for the same behavior is vastly different. When it comes to women who rape and abuse other women, clearly the message is hands off and keep quiet.They are absolutely clueless to how this makes them and other women appear on the issue of fairness. It hard to respect a group who revels in such obvious bias and is so hypocritical, lacking in courage and lacking in fundamental concepts of responsibility and fairness.When was the last time, if ever, there was a national story about rape and abuse of women by women? Society does, by ignoring the truth, encourage this kind of behavior

  2. The attorney not only should be disbar but pay Banks a sum of money never heard of. She must have been the epiphany of stupidity. And I hope that Ganetta Gibson get the worse of it to come. Jail time, for several counts, but the DA can open other cases and he is not willing to open this one. Well wasn’t her mother who file a suit against the districtShe can be prosecuted for falsely accusing and demanding an award. She her to jail.

  3. I can’t understand, or better yet, I can begin to want to understand how some people who are quick at judging and prosecuting without truly studying (not only reviewing) and analyzing in good faith all the evidence placed before them can’t have the BALLS (not hiding like they did no wrong) to face the cameras and admit to their wrong actions. As to the girl, now a woman, she should be sent to jail along with her mother for lying and benefiting from tax payers money. That kid, now a man, has lost so much is no joke, his education, and millions of dollars which could have provided him and his family a good future. I just wonder, if anyone in the NFL would give him a chance being that he was good, or is it to much to ask. Everyone deserves a second chance, right?!!!!!
    He deserves a second chance.

  4. So, Truth, who does it, you?
    And when yo see a “woman like her” how do you know she is a woman like her?
    Just askin…

  5. ” Women have been making make false accusations against men “alot”. Those are facts and often times they go unprosecuted for their unethical and crimial actions. Teh question is how do we fix the problem.”

    The real studies and real data collected do not support the contention that there are more false allegations of rape reported and prosecuted than other crimes that take place in the absence of witnesses. People may FEEL that way but the data don’t say it’s happening.

  6. Sounds like this GIbson woman had some influense from home/family/friends back when she made her alogations against Banks. She said ‘WE – I mean me” don’t want to have to pay the money back. I think they should have to pay every last dome to Banks and his mother! His mother worked hard and supported her son and Gibson tore the Banks family apart emotionally and financially.

  7. I am sorry to say this but I think that someone accusing someone else of rape should no longer be enough to convict someone (I know people don’t think they do that, but they take the females word for it almost every time) without Evidence ( both eye witness & DNA) Nobody should be able to be charged with the crime at all, I am sorry to the female rape victims out there but men are victims too and the law should protect everyone…I think it is more important to spare an innocent person than to convict a guilty one…She admitted she lied, whether she takes it back or not she needs to be sued AND charged for her crimes.

  8. skiprob,

    “Over the years I have spoken to so many men that feel that they have been taken advantage of by their wives, during devorce.”

    Divorce is difficult, generally because one party has betrayed the other. My experience has been that the man believes everything is his, so giving her anything is unjust.

    1. Bettykath, A few sentences down I said ” Over the years I have spoken to many men and women on this issue, and there are great injustices against both sides.” You statement appears to equate that I have not been questioning people in a sincere manner to extrapolate the truth and therefore I am biased in some manner. I assure you that I am trying to seek a better and more just system on this issue and many others.

      You appear to have missed my primary cultural contentions. 1. Are we codling to women immotions and therefore giving them ethical rights and privelages that are not warranted and create injustices against their adversaries, whether men or women? 2. By not prosecuting this women are we not sending a bad message to other perpetrators of such actions?. Sorry that in the case it happens to be a unethical women, but this is not that unusual of an issue. Women have been making make false accusations against men “alot”. Those are facts and often times they go unprosecuted for their unethical and crimial actions. Teh question is how do we fix the problem.

  9. You all have brought out many interesting issues in the war between the sexes. It is my belief that we are not going to change the human nature of the individual very much so I often think that cultural changes are the only real way to alter the destiny of humankind. If this woman is not arrested and tried for perjury and forced to repay both her victim and the school district, I think we can all agree that a severe injustice has been done if this article is true. Is it a cultural thing that we just don’t prosecute women to the same degree as men? It is my experience that even traffic cops give fewer tickets to women. Women appear to be just a devious ethically as men, obviously not as violent, and the lack of prosecution would not appear to help this dynamic. Over the years I have spoken to so many men that feel that they have been taken advantage of by their wives, during devorce. There comments to me are generally that they can deal with the loss of money from the bank accounts, all the funiture and 1/2 the house, just get the attorney off my back.Over the years I have spoken to many men and women on this issue, and there are great injustices against both sides. Interestly I believe that women because of their nature and mentality confuse legality with immotional pain. For instance when someone say something that hurts the feelings of a women, women feel that this should almost be against the law and that if they retaliate in some manner which is a crime such as stealing all the furniture and applicances out of the domicile, that this action is justified because the person deserves it. Women do the same thing with their female friends and family as well. Cousin Jane said something mean to me so she’s not invited to the Christmas party at Gramdma’s house anymore. It doesn’t necessarilly have to be an issue of immotional consideration. If a women perceives that someone committed an unethical act, they will often times take retalitory actions against that person, I might add with out getting other opinions. They believe they are the prosecutor, judge and jury on all matters immotional and family if it effects them. Perhaps this is a cultural dynamic that can be changed over time. Don’t get me wrong men do it to, but the perception level of what a women believes to be a retiatory cause of action appears to be much less warranty to me in many siuation, at least that is my opinion.

  10. Malisha and Bettykath. Thanks for listening and some feedback. Bettykath- you have some interesting insights that ring true. I might even go further and say that many of these girls do not have fathers in their lives. Some of them seemed almost desperate for “negative attention.” -not so much what one sees in the video but others that created issues during the course of the year.

    Malisha- hopefully there is some dialectical discourse that brings us closer to the “truth.” As I said earlier, neither gender has a monopoly on ethics. I would still maintain that the nature of sexual accusations against males makes them unlike anything I have encountered. Perhaps the converse can be made with the example of males ruining a females reputation by unfounded rumors of being a “slut.” The point being that female sexuality and what it entails is a potent cocktail that, unfortunately, can be easily exploited by those who give little thought to the cruel consequences for their brothers and sisters.

    Being that sexuality evolved so that men and women’s destinies are intertwined it is not surprising that there is discord. I am glad the stakes in my life were a career instead of over my children or freedom.
    best regards

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