Woman Admits That She Falsely Accused Convicted High School Student of Rape After He Serves His Time In Jail . . . Woman Keeps $1.5 Million Award As Rape Victim

Brian Banks was a former high school football star when he was accused of rape by Wanetta Gibson. Gibson’s name was sealed as a rape victim while Banks was publicly accused as a rapist despite his insistence that it was consensual sex. It was his word against hers and prosecutors threatened him with life imprisonment if he went to trial, so he pleaded guilty to a rape that he did not commit. He spent five years in jail. When he was released he was surprised when his “victim” asked to befriend him on Facebook. She later admitted that she made the whole thing up but did not want to give back the $1.5 million that she won in a judgment against the school district for her alleged rape. She retains the money despite admitting to lying about the rape.

Banks was 16 and a student at Long Beach Poly High School when he said that he made out with Gibson but did not go beyond groping and kissing. He was a talented football star being scouted by colleges for possible scholarships. The ended the same day when Gibson accused him of rape. Prosecutors pushed forward with the case despite an absence of critical forensic evidence and the fact that Gibson’s account changed over time. Banks’ mother sold her condo and her car to pay for his defense.

After his release, Gibson met Banks and agreed to speak in front of an investigator. She is quoted as saying “I will go through with helping you but it’s like at the same time all that money they gave us, I mean gave me, I don’t want to have to pay it back.”

Since this case occurred ten years ago, it is not clear if Gibson will even be investigated, let alone charged for her false statements. In the meantime, she is keeping the money . . . what she has not already spent.

There is also no response from prosecutors on why they pushed forward with the case given the conflicts in the account of the alleged victim and absence of forensic evidence establishing guilt.

A judge has finally expunged the conviction of Banks so that he does not have to remain on parole. He already served the jail time.
Source: ABA Journal

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  1. Brook,

    I’ve been thinking about when I was in 7th and 8th grade. A lot has changed since then, but not the biology and what happens to boys and girls at that age. They are in the process of becoming young men and young women. I’ll talk about the girls. This is a time when the girls are discovering and experimenting with their sexuality. They tend to be really obnoxiously rebelling against their parents. They’ve known for years how to play their parents off one another. Now they come up against a teacher who is trying to get them to do their school work. He’s just as evil as the parent who wants them home at a decent hour. Now throw in a bit of new-found power of their sexuality and they’re ready to play their parents against the teacher. Their parents are probably a bit relieved that daughters have a new target and are asking for their help. After all, why would our Suzie come to US, if this weren’t true? Of course they will support their daughter. If you’ve had problems in the past with the administration, you’re out there by yourself. The administration is like water, it will take the easiest path.

    I was sometimes embarrassed by the clothing worn by some of my classmates, mostly really tight sweaters (this was before bare skin was fashionable) and struts that put their chests front and center. I was told by a couple of them that I should dumb down b/c “boys don’t like smart girls”. They were already manipulating male classmates. And, yes, some of them flirted with the male teachers who were careful in how they interacted with all the girls, especially the flirts.

    I also did some substitute teaching of 8th grade. The only grade worse is 12th. The arrogance of seniors isn’t something I want to deal with again.

    I’m not too keen on using a camera as casually as the clip shows. Great for taping their presentations though. Your sin was in being a responsible teacher in trying to get the girls to do their work when they didn’t want to do it.

  2. I don’t need to capitalize Gay Men either but I do so in order to not be thought of as a Bigot.

  3. I don’t think you need to capitalize Lesbian, unless she is a time traveler from Lesbia or a space traveler from Lesbonia, either of which would be so cool.

  4. Brook, I was not commenting on your particular case because I wanted to prove anything about it. I was commenting on it because your weighing in seemed to buttress the ridiculous notion that this Gibson woman’s conduct was typical feminine behavior that the feminists inappropriately encouraged, and that I was trying to deny because I was a bigot! If you disagree with that, by all means, see if your case can prove or disprove it, but I rather doubt so.

    My comment about your observation that the girls’ dishonesty was inherently more insidious than that of the boys caught my attention as very well it should! Excuse me, but that’s absurd! I think probably what has happened in our society is that female lying is CONSIDERED more insidious than male lying, because male lying is more tolerable. It also may be that female lying may sound more like the truth than male lying because there actually ARE cases that would make the lies sound like they were true. (There actually ARE lots of rapes and sexual assaults against women and that might make a false allegation of such a thing sound true.) But let’s take it out of the girl/boy context and look at the case of the boys allegedly raped by the Pennsylvania sports coach. (I can’t even remember the game he coached.) Let’s say any one of them had tried to make a case of his rape back in the beginning; it would probably not have been believed. Let’s say any five of them had. Maybe it would have begun to sound true. Then let’s say that one kid who had never been raped came forward and added his story to the mix, for reasons best known to himself. Would his story sound true? Probably. But would it have BEEN true? No. Would that have invalidated the stories that WERE true? No.

    You can’t make all people honest. You can’t make all people behave well. You can’t even make all the students do their homework. None of this adds up to the theory that vicious nefarious female bitches are ruining the world for good, decent, non-abusive honest men. That’s all of where I’m going with this. It’s not about YOU. It’s not even about ANON but he gets into it at times as if it is.

    Now, let me tell you a story about a few teachers I have known.

    1. My own Freshman French teacher in high school. He made pretty gross sexual advances on me because I was a star student; I said nothing about it at all because that was 1966. I also concluded nothing about it.

    2. The other French teacher in high school. She was a woman and she was a Lesbian (I came to find out only six years after I finished high school and not in an unpleasant way, just by hearing that she lived with the English teacher who had “come out” as a Lesbian by that time in the early 70s and was considered exceedingly brave). She did not disrespect me or invade my territorial space in any fashion. I also concluded nothing about THIS.

    3. My mother was a teacher, and never disrespected any of her students or violated their boundaries in any way. She was highly respected by most students, but ran into difficulty with a few students and a few parents because she did insist on completion of work to make the grade, and she did not believe in “social promotion.”

    4. A teacher of 8th grade lived about two blocks from me maybe ten years ago. One day I saw him outside and he had bruises all over him and stitches on his face. He had been beaten up by a student in his class (male student). He was pretty badly shaken and had been hospitalized for two days because of internal bleeding (got kicked in the gut and back). He wanted to go back to teaching but the principal wanted him to let the thing simmer down first, and he was upset by that. He did not have much to say about the evil of the students he taught, and specifically said he felt the kid who had beaten him up was “a basically good kid who has totally failed to handle stress and who really needs help.”

    5. A slew of Montessori teachers, some of whom have run into conflict with parents and even students, but most of whom have reported the most inspiring stories of guiding kids through their hostilities and conflicts with great expertise.

    Now, I know that there are corrupt school managers (even criminal principals) just as there are corrupt officials in all sorts of other positions. I have no problem with that assessment or assumption. I even agree with you that being exposed to one series of deliberate false allegations can certainly sensitize you to believing it happens elsewhere, and maybe even often. But don’t you think that there are false allegations of all sorts of wrongdoing within the big picture of a society gone to the “blame and destroy” game for its raison d’etre? Is that the fault of women?

  5. I will try and fill in some of the holes here:

    1. use of the camera- I had used video tape for years and principals knew it and had never said anything about permission, etc. I brought digital camera in for civil war unit. It was in the classroom and students had used it to take pix of themselves in civil war garb. I decided to use the camera to video final presentations but students were not ready and I thought it might push them to get it in gear. I held the camera at chest height and did not look through the viewfinder. I didn’t think twice about it.

    Students routinely broke the dress code which stated they were not to wear revealing clothes. I was used to this but there are plenty of rules that male teachers don’t try and enforce due to possible accusations. If the camera hovers over someone, it was certainly not my idea to try and film some skin. I was just trying to get them to do their work. It seems to me if you don’t want someone looking at something (or filming it) the practical thing to do in a public setting is called “wearing appropriate clothing.” I find it incredibly nervy to run around half naked and then accuse people of looking at you.

    I erased the video and the principal and kids knew it. Months later I was able to get the video off the hard drive because it was not masked by more folders. I could hardly remember what I had shot, whether I had spent that much time with particular students, etc. as I had never even seen the video. When I told the lawyer I had it, she said “forget it.” The fact that they complained and you made them uncomfortable is the issue at hand. The video will do you no good.

    2. re/ sexuality. Yes there is no major display of sexuality in the video. When I said “video,” I meant the entire incident. Using the video as a reason to make these accusations as if my purpose was to film cleavage (I have a bigger chest than any of these girls).

    The reason I say it is insidious is because someone can tarnish your reputation with something as chicken shit as saying ‘he was looking at me.”

    3. males and females- Neither has a monopoly on ethics but I think it might be akin to an example of 2 different fights. Brothers A/B and C/D. Both might end up hurting each other but If C/D have guns, the chances are that C/D’s fight will cause more damage? Does this necessarily mean that C and D are more violent? No. It underscores that the means at their disposal are different and having access to those “tools” can create more impact. We already know that, generally, boys tend to act out aggression physically, while girls are usually more subtle and use verbal methods more often. We all know that people place a great degree of importance in protecting females sexual innocence and their sexuality. Rumors regarding predatory males gets men and women riled up. My take is that it is an easy button to push and I find it very disappointing to see how often that “button” was pushed the last year I taught. I also believe that the way young girls conform during adolescence makes it more likely that they will actually believe such rumors once they get going.

    You don’t know me but I was brought up by a feminist mother whom I respect very much. My first job out of college was as a sexuality educator/ counselor for planned parenthood. I was there because I felt women were generally oppressed and felt it was inhumane. I still abide by that sentiment, but I have realized that the oppressed can be masters of manipulation.

    4. what started the feeding frenzy? I had a grievance against the district regarding their shoddy and capricious use of evaluations. The interim principal retaliated by accusing me of not following rules and being heavy handed with students. I had kept a disruptive student in for 5 minutes at lunch to try and get her started on an activity. I had her write out a contract that said she would stay in if she didn’t finish it that night. The next morning she handed me a slip from mom saying that I could do no such thing. When the interim principal was in the room, she watched us whisper for about 30 seconds regarding the note, and then ran, crying out of the room. She then claimed that she had had a panic attack the day before that I had ignored. From then on, she behaved as she wanted in class and would start to whimper if anything looked like it didn’t fit into her agenda. A week later I called the parents of anther girl (same class) because she was not doing her work. I met with the parents and the girl. Within 3 minutes, she had us discussing MY inappropriate behavior. What was it? A bunch of lies. She said I told the class we would discuss “vaginas.” whether they wanted to or not. The thug of a principal used this as a way to go after me but thankfully, no one corroborated the lie.

    These students realized that they could get a lot of mileage out of this behavior and I think the administration and kids used each other for their own expedient purposes. What do you know, I was transferred out of 7th grade to teach 8th grade the following year. This was retaliation from the district. They knew these kids knew what buttons to push.

    enough for now. My apologies for the long windedness.

  6. Well thanks, Anon, for reading me as carefully as I asked you to read me. I really appreciate that.

    Now I’m not trying to challenge your world view. If I were, I would be doing that on a completely different blog, not this one. I choose my battles carefully because I’m old (in some ways) and that’s what I have left in terms of conservation. But when you identify things I say as misandrist and I disagree with you, I do take time to show you where I’m coming from. I am not (not that my personal characteristics are important either to you or to this blog in general, but) the kind of person who jumps to negative conclusions about others. This has been confirmed to me not only by a professional evaluating forensic psychiatrist (using both clinical interviews and objective psychometric tests) but also by about 100 different people I have come across in both business and personal relationships. Yes, I do think that in general men are more prone to the more serious kinds of violence than women, that they are more often sexually coercive and/or various other offensive-type activities, but I never judge an individual man on the basis of my presumption about “tendencies.” I have actually experienced sexual coercion/abuse by men AND BY ONE WOMAN and strangely enough, the proportions came out just about the way most of the research comes out, although the sample was (thank god for small favors) very small indeed. I don’t conclude anything from that. But here I am, and I’ll say so, and again, thanks for reading me carefully. Sometimes, I also make mistakes in what I write and if you point them out I’ll check it to see if I need to self-correct.

    Anon, on another thread, a woman who came on gangbusters opposed to my point of view and irate later began to ask me what I meant and she let me explain myself to her and I think it went very well. I am not imagining that there’s some kind of Disney ending here, I’m just saying (I love that expression), I’m not looking to misunderstand you. I’m not looking to blame you for the bad behavior of someone else who has the Y Chromosome. At some point (and certainly not tonight) I’ll come onto this or another thread with the full HUMDU.

  7. “See, that’s the purpose of paying close attention to what is said”

    Well you’re right, and often times I don’t pay as close attention as I wish I had.

    But it’s not like Brooks story is told in a vacuum.

    Just google the phrase “where are the male teachers”.

    There is so much stranger danger about men taught to kids, but whose lessons are mainly taken by lawyers and parents that its no wonder that the clever female hominid child quickly becomes aware of the inordinate power.the crazy society of 2012 has placed upon her and uses that power in immature ways to pwn society right back.

    And in response, poof, the male teachers have vanished.

    Lawyer / Feminist douchebaggery for the win.

  8. Anon, what you said in defense of Brook shows how you get to all your misogynist conclusions. I said I couldn’t see anything sexualized in the videos. I did, however, see that the camera stood still on one girl, from her neck to her thighs, for quite a while (more than it stayed on any other image, actually) and that at the end of the other video clip, it focused on a view of a girl with her head down and her cleavage showing through light summer clothing. Perhaps that is what caused the problems.

    But then I went on to talk about Brook’s actual written words. HE SAID that he was used to boys lying just as girls lied, but that, and I quote:

    “the nature of male female interaction makes the girl’s [sic] behavior much more insidious and troublesome.”

    I then characterized that statement — that the girls’ behavior was much more insidious and troublesome than the boys’ —

    “a disturbing statement with no context at all for comprehending it,”

    and I added that it:

    “does kinda say that girls are rather wicked, doesn’t it?”

    Here’s my point, Anon. Brook claims that he is used to girls lying and boys lying. He intimates that there have been conflicts between him and his students, in which they have lied about him, and that has raised problems for him. Then he takes the videos. Then the parents get riled and go after him for that. Then he characterizes it as girls lying about him and making false allegations, and he comes up with that weird statement that I cannot understand, saying that whereas boys also lie,

    “the nature of male female interaction makes the girl’s [sic] behavior much more insidious and troublesome.”

    OK? That’s a bit strange. The nature of girls being female in comparison to boys makes their dishonesty more insidious and troublesome?

    See, that’s the purpose of paying close attention to what is said.

  9. Brook, I gather from what you have said that there was a lot of conflict already going on between you and at least some of the girls in your classes, by the time you took that video. Since I couldn’t understand anything from the videos themselves, and I don’t know what statements were made by these allegedly errant students and dishonest parents, I don’t know how to fit any of this into a coherent opinion.

  10. Anon, the difference between Zimmerman and Gibson is not an issue at all. The reason Zimmerman did NOT confess (and therefore, his statements should not be withheld because they were not confessions) is that he didn’t think he had to. I have no idea why Gibson DID confess, because it doesn’t seem like the act of a person who would do the harm in the first place. But obviously I know much less about the Gibson case than I do about the Zimmerman case, because much less has been reported and I have not been reading about it since early March.

    The difference, Anon, is that the presumption of the evil-feminist-false-allegations-supporting-behavior (EFFASB) is a quickie step for you. Not only do you enlarge the case of Gibson (who has not apparently gotten any feminist organization to defend her, right?) to “women” (whom you call “bitches”), but you steadfastly refuse to see that your doing so is actually bigotry, but you would have it be bigotry that I call you on doing so!

    In the case of Zimmerman, an analogous move would be to enlarge the scope of what he ACTUALLY DID (forget the trial for the actual killing; he has admitted the actual killing) and to insist, from that, that whites are continuously killing unarmed black youths because they are racist ofays. AND to insist that anyone who saw it differently was a bigot.

    Awaiting trial to determine Zimmerman’s guilt? That would be to determine his guilt of either murder or manslaughter.

    You’d have to await a trial to see if Gibson was guilty of any crime that could be charged, to have it analogous.

    You’re saying that you can declare women indefensibly guilty of supporting false allegations of rape without Gibson herself ever being charged with or convicted of a crime.

    I’m saying that to do the same in the Zimmerman case would be to say that Hispanic (or white, whatever) men are indefensibly guilty of allowing the killing of unarmed young African Americans by guys like them, whether or not charged or convicted.

  11. Thanks for the response. By “insidious” I refer to the gravity of the accusation and the fact that I couldn’t disprove it. Complaints involving physical violence have also been thrown at me by wily students but usually there should be signs that it, indeed, too place. Now I was guilty for my eyes…and I do not ogle girls. If they misbehave, I am forced to intervene in close contact so as not to embarrass them. It was a no win situation which is what the school administration wanted.

    The last year I taught, I was chronically accused of being some sort of pedophile when it suited particular students. I pleaded with my principal to NOT have me teach 8th grade because I know they tend to be sociable, less than honest, and full of hormones compared to the 7th graders I had. Being accused this way is terrible. It’s virtually impossible to defend against except to plead otherwise. It’s enraging to be accused by the very students that interrupted my classes and demeaned me in any way possible when all I was trying to do was help them and do my job. I suppose there is a bit of an epidemic of such behavior in the media and I bet it helps foster this suspicion.

    As for administration- they are not dumb asses, so much as corrupt. They are not after the truth. They helped foster these accusations, but that is another story all together.

  12. “One white man (White Hispanic if you like) kills one Black man in Florida. That’s not oppression. It’s not about racism; anybody who says it is should not be allowed to say it is; yada yada blah blah blah.”

    “One woman falsely accuses one innocent man of rape. That’s oppression. You better ADMIT that’s female oppression of men or you are a liar, and you and those feminists who are always lying about women being oppressed by men are just turning it upside down because really you have been the worst bitches for years and decades and centuries and yada yada blah blah blah”

    At first glance this seems like climate change, picking out which hurricanes are due to climate change and which would have occurred in the same degree just because weather. It’s difficult and most scientists agree it really cannot be done.

    However, in the case of Zimmerman, the trial is ahead of us, and given the information we have, it’s all rather ambiguous. It grates on you and the junk scientist Scribe and a lot of the junk lawyers here that that is so, but it is so.

    In the case of Wanetta Gibson we have her confession. We don’t need to speculate, she admitted fucking this dude over. She admitted making a false accusation. She admitted defrauding the taxpayer. She admitted not saying anything for five years. She admitted not wanting to give the money back.

    As well, as I’ve pointed out, we have a huge pattern of cases of women making false accusations, and additionally another huge pattern of idiot feminists sticking up for this sort of oppression.

    So it resolves. It’s not like global warming at all.

    No detective work is required, the bitch confessed.

    And as part of the same pattern where many other women have confessed to the same behaviors, we can easily see it as an act of hatred against men. And too, we can see the feminist defense of this as another act of hatred of men.

    I hope that helps you understand the difference between Zimmerman and Gibson.

  13. “Huh?

    I couldn’t see any use of sexuality by girls in the videos; ”

    If claims are true, that he was sacked due to videos of his taking video of girls’ chests, and assuming these are the videos,

    And if you say, you don’t see any of that in those videos,

    Then yes, one can conclude those girls that made those claims, knowingly, as capable and rational agents, must be in your words, “rather wicked”. I’d throw in their parents as well.

    And the principal and his/her supervisors are obviously huge dumbasses and enormous pussies.

  14. “To me, the videos underscore the awareness that females have that they may use sexuality and rumor as tools and it was not the first time I have seen that. I have had my fair share of issues with boys and lying too, but the nature of male female interaction makes the girl’s behavior much more insidious and troublesome.”


    I couldn’t see any use of sexuality by girls in the videos; I couldn’t see anything at all in the videos, actually, except you moving the camera around in a way I found visually disorienting. And “the nature of male female interaction makes the girl’s [sic] behavior much more insidious and troublesome,” while itself a disturbing statement with no context at all for comprehending it, does kinda say that girls are rather wicked, doesn’t it?

  15. Anon, here’s the problem.

    One white man (White Hispanic if you like) kills one Black man in Florida. That’s not oppression. It’s not about racism; anybody who says it is should not be allowed to say it is; yada yada blah blah blah.

    One woman falsely accuses one innocent man of rape. That’s oppression. You better ADMIT that’s female oppression of men or you are a liar, and you and those feminists who are always lying about women being oppressed by men are just turning it upside down because really you have been the worst bitches for years and decades and centuries and yada yada blah blah blah

  16. I have to laugh after seeing some of the critical posts here re/ the videos I posted. I know that as humans we are prone to confirmation bias. I have to check myself for it too.

    In a nutshell, what I see in the videos is a teacher trying to squeeze a bit more out of students at the end of the year, and encountering certain students who have not done their work, and having to spend extra energy with those students who continue to not get on task. But, of course, the critique is that I am to blame for being out of touch, “not saavy enough” (to know I am in a shark tank full of liars?), disorganized, expecting something at the wrong time of year, not following rules (re/ film), …

    To me, the videos underscore the awareness that females have that they may use sexuality and rumor as tools and it was not the first time I have seen that. I have had my fair share of issues with boys and lying too, but the nature of male female interaction makes the girl’s behavior much more insidious and troublesome. It allowed them to complain without having to divulge identity or speak to me so that I might defend myself. It let them pass on rumor so that others realized I was a sitting duck in terms of defending against these accusations.

    It is pertinent that it was the end of the year. Why? Because the complainants all had F’s and D’s with the exception of one. That particular student was used to getting A’s and was watching her grade drop because she had not been doing her work. This was about wielding control and these students and their parents knew they could complain without any worries re/ repercussions.

    What you don’t see in the video is the girl who accused me of throwing a book at another student when I simply dropped a small paperback on a desk. The atmosphere was ablaze with any accusations that might hit their head.

    They say “when you don’t have the facts on your side, argue the rules.” Good job.

    I am not happy about the way I was treated and I do have an axe to grind in that sense, but I am happy to be unburdened with some of the myopic disdain I see in the comments section. Only someone that narrow minded could completely turn the situation inside out to suit their agenda. It gives me a sense of relief to know that my axe is relatively small and I can begin to heal.

    I wish the same to everyone else.

  17. ANON,
    Gramp’s attack was because you simply declared that XXX person should put up. And provided none yourself.

    Personally I’m too lazy to read your stats. Truthful studies are misused. And opinionated or fixated persons
    usually find the statistics they need. So what does it prove.

    All YOU need is an open mind, but until you put your gall and rage at being bested aside, and thus feel your balls were taken away from you, you will never get an open mind.

    That suspicion about women as bitches will haunt you the rest of your life. It did me until I finally asked myself what lay behind my conviction that women would always abandon me when it would hurt most. I found my answer. Hope you find yoúrs.

    As for shouting, it is at times used even by Zen monks to teach novices. Unfortunately you are neither.

  18. ” I’m just not into trying to prove anything to you on that count, Anon, and I’m not going to waste my time on it. ”

    I wasn’t actually asking you to, I was responding to Id707 who shouted at me to put up or shut up. It was a response saying I actually do post studies, Malisha does not, why all the sudden are you (Id707) demanding more from me than from Malisha, and why are you (Id707) suddenly shouting?

    That my ex got the better of me in court though, is a function of the court’s bias against men.

    We walked into court, the judge basically determined who could pay for all the legal shenanigans that were about to occur, gave the kids to the other party to ensure the bills for the lawyers could be paid, and that was pretty much the biggest decision of the case that the judge ever took.

    That and the bogus TROs, the bogus claims of domestic violence, the bogus claims of being a sexual danger to the children, the ability to interfere with visitation without fear from the courts — these are not things you should be defending with a “boohoo stop whining about your ex in court”

    These are actual harms done to actual children and actual parents (fathers and mothers) by a corrupt court system aided and abetted by lawyers that eagerly take $300 per hour and tsk tsk how stupid their clients are and how corrupt the system is.

    These are all harms that the constitution was meant to prevent but that have been suspended in family court, due in part, as you recognize to “the best interests of the children” allowing the judge to do whatever he or she pleases.

    However, far more than the intentional bitches I knowingly pepper some threads with, are the casual misandric remarks of many people here, including you, with comments about testosterone and your unbacked up claims about domestic violence etc. Because men are stupid throw rocks at them is not an answer to anything. It’s just feminist bullshit and bullying.

    If you want to change society, start with yourself. Recognize your bigotry and act better.

  19. Anon, another thing. I’m sure you can go onto plenty of Fathers Rights websites and find plenty of citations for all your claims. But you can also go on the website TalkingBacktoCSpan put up and you can find (or I hear he has now taken it down) an explanation of how the Jews caused 9/11.

  20. Anon, I know plenty of dom rels. They do not agree with you even within their own practices. I have also seen the studies — this is about the custody issue — and you’re just wrong. The reason I’m not into going on-line and proving things is that it’s a waste of time for several reasons. First of all, the studies done by the recognized sources have been used ad nauseam by organizations filing amicus briefs (one of which I wrote myself in New York during the 90s) and they are taken by the courts to mean nothing at all because each judge makes his or her own decision in a vacuum by simply stating the constitutionally vague formula “best interests of the child” and also because they have no force, no power, any more than the studies that show that judges, across the board, sentence Black defendants to longer sentences than white defendants. I’m just not into trying to prove anything to you on that count, Anon, and I’m not going to waste my time on it. I have concluded, by my own methods, that women shouldn’t HAVE children any more, not in this culture. I have told that to a friend of mine after she had the first two children and before she had the last two. She didn’t listen; pretty much nobody will. I know that.

    Nor am I responsible for showing you or anybody else a research trail to prove that I SHOULD hold any opinion I do hold. Check it out, man, not going to happen. Did Professor Turley post a research trail in his article about “reasonable doubt” showing that folks who had shot other folks had injuries more or less severe than that he presumed to have been depicted by the blood-rivulet picture posted at the top of that thread? I’m not proving my points on any of these threads, nor do I need to, and you’re not the judge of them.

    Debate me if you like. Carry on about my failing to prove things to your satisfaction? Don’t make me laugh.

    Here you have my opinion: You’re really pissed that some woman, bitch or not bitch (by some objective bitch-measurement standard) got the best of you in court. Although you are able to think clearly about many things, and speak interestingly about many things, and attract my positive attention with much of what you say, I am not particularly interested in your assessment of my own “bitch or not-bitch” status or your conclusions about whether or not I hate men or am fair in my evaluation of some, or most, male behavior in the psychosocial context. I don’t defend my positions because they don’t need a defense.

    AND I think second-degree murder is the right charge for Zimmerman. AND if he were female, I would still think that was the right charge.

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