17 thoughts on “Canine Talosian: You Will Bring Me A Treat, You Will Bring Me A Treat . . .”

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  2. Wrapping 1, February 26, 2013 at 8:04 pm

    Hi, this was a very thoughtful article. Great work.
    It’s a cute puppy.

  3. This is the worst “Find the Kitteh” ever! That looks nothing like a cat! And it’s not even hiding!

  4. LOL, That goggie’s head kinda’ looks like an Imperial Stormtrooper’s 🙂

    Mind-reading goggie, meet sharp dressed pig:

    “Today, the best news story of the entire day was surely this unlikely report of a “sharp-dressed pig running loose on a highway” outside of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Police chased the little porker, believed to be a juvenile, but “failed to catch it before it scurried off into the woods.”


    Sharp Dressed Pig’s Twitter feed:


  5. Woosty

    my dog sunny(mostly yellow lab) heard that and went running outside looking around.

  6. There was no content to the article. Bring me a treat and publish a good dog article– or a bad dog article.



    Your Canine Overlords

  8. “All of the Talosians were portrayed by women, with their telepathic voices recorded by male actors.”

  9. Have to send that pic to my nephew’s chinese crested. It will make him feel a whole lot handsomer ((*_*))

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