Nothing to Bost About? Illinois Representative Rails Against Blind Voting

This video of Illinois State Representative Mike Bost is going viral. Bost is complaining about a problem that is also growing in Congress of members not reading bills from the Patriot Act to the Health Care law. Bost is complaining about being given 15 minutes to read a 200 page pension reform bill. However, he seems to come unglued while making an important point. Nevertheless, Bost appears happy with the result: he posted the video on his website.

While his delivery could be improved, Bost has a point about the reduction of legislative bodies in the United States to choreographed performances. The Republicans did it with the Patriot Act and the Democrats did it with the Health Care law. Members are expected to vote like robots in support of their party.

I love the rather nonchalant if not bored images of his colleagues on either side of him even as he is throwing around papers.

Here is his brief bio:

Full-time state legislator and business owner; born Dec. 30, 1960, in Murphysboro; graduated, Murphysboro High School; attended University of Illinois Certified Firefighter II Academy; served in U.S. Marine Corps (1979-82); married (wife, Tracy), has three children.

15 thoughts on “Nothing to Bost About? Illinois Representative Rails Against Blind Voting”

  1. what is wrong with you people? Anger is an honest emotion, anger against repeated unfairness is a motivator to change. More people should express their anger, and channel it for change. Just because you’re angry doesn’t mean you are an unreasonable person.

    It’s refreshing to see someone get angry about this issue, it’s about time!

  2. . . . as opposed to the open fisticuff displays of Parliament,Milord?

  3. “What you do speaks so loud that I cannot hear what you say.”

    I find this childish tantrum by an elected official rather appalling. Are there no rules of decorum in the Illinois legislture?

  4. LOL, context is everything, re: the above posting: I’ve heard U.S. Senators and Representative say the same thing.

  5. Yea, I’d kind of like these jokers to actually read the laws they impose on the country too, it seems like a minimum job requirement to me.

  6. One US Senator said when announcing his retirement that he quite simply was tired of whoring. Every home trip and much othet time was devoted to only that.

    Only one of many problems, but certainly a primary one.
    Like all bought people, if you don’t stay bought then your market price drops to zero.

    And we think our petitions count for something? Sheesh.

  7. This bloviating pol is complaining about a tactic that his party uses whenever possible, so I would consider the source. I would love it if legislation would be passed after a full reading and review of the bill, but the parties would have to actually get along to do that.

  8. If pols spent less time whoring for “campaign contributions”, they’d have more time to read law. Hell, they might even get around to writing some instead of taking what the lobbyists hand to them as if they were marching orders. Reading, writing and passing laws is after all their fundamental job description.

  9. definitely good on him. I remember Scalia saying in a most scathing manner something along the lines of ‘You want me to read this thing?’ (health care bill)…..and I say YES!!!!!!!! and it should be written in concise, understandable, everyday, English so the constituancy can understand it too…..

    [and who are the 2 snarks giggling behind him????? It is definitely hard to make good arguments when frustrated by stupidity….]

  10. Got his point across in a big way. CNN has it on repeat. Of course, they just focus on the paper throwing and not the very real and very big problem he is addressing. I must be the last person watching CNN. They should just give Anderson Cooper an 18hr/day show and call it a day.

    This is the kind of outrage we need. He really is just channeling the rage many of his constituents and the American people as a whole feel at “the system”.

  11. People of reason can at times appear to be unreasonable when pushed into the corner… In his case, I bet he can fight fire with fire……

  12. An emotional presentation can destroy a good argument. He makes valid points but his presentation makes you want to tune him out.

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