Humans Did This To Me

Why do humans insist on ruining a good dog with human outfits? I love dogs and see no reason for improvement.

This rather pathetic pooch was once a noble wolf running in packs in early America — seeking game and protecting its territory. Its successors are now reduced to parading around like Nurse Ratched.

20 thoughts on “Humans Did This To Me”

  1. Because Disney did a good job of anthropomorphizing animals?
    Oh, look at that cute and cuddly grizzly bear! You have to admit, dogs are even more cuddly because they don’t have 3 to 4 inch long claws that bears have. Cats on the other hand…

  2. Your right, that is a naval symbol not a nurse hat. But wait! Look at that dogs feet. Notice something? Not swimming feet. Not webbed. That is an army dog not a navy dog. If he was a navy dog then an eye patch and a pirate hat would be appropriate.

  3. pete,

    You are just so wrong in all the right ways and I dig that about you.

  4. Pete, 😉

    CLH and Woosty, thanks for the laughs.

    Sojourner28, I like Chinese Crested dogs (hairless) and you have to make little coats for them to keep them warm, even indoors if you keep the AC blasting, same for Rex cats. I bet your coats are fabulous and the doggie appreciates them.

  5. It is scary to see what people put on their dogs! This pooch looks so sad to be dressed up as a sailor.

  6. No, no, no. That’s a navy symbol. He’s (she’s) a SAILOR. A nurse would be humiliating. Sheesh.

  7. poor baby. Thats what makes dogs so wonderful, they’ll put up with all sorts of crap from their people and still love ’em to bits.

  8. That looks like a nurse’s hat. Dogs in my dog pack dont object to the dog suit routine until they put the life preserver on a swimming dog like a labrador. Then, we refuse to swim.

  9. Okay, in my defense, I make coats for my sister’s dog. She’s a mini doxie and loves her walks. But Michigan gets very cold in the winter. So, I make her little polar fleece coats to help keep her from shivering. So, shoot me that they have some flair!

  10. My dog come from the groomer with a bandana around his neck. I take off when I get him home. If dogs were meant to wear cutesy they would have the ability to make cutesy.

  11. Carol – I am reminded of a line from “Scrooged” In which the TV executive is angry because the tiny antlers he wants put on the live mice wont stay on while shooting. “Can’t you user a stapler or something?”

  12. It’s hard to keep a good dog down. I’m sure the outfit came off as soon as he or she managed to get away. Hey, they have to let the poor pooch out to do it’s business sooner or later.

    I put a scarf on my dog once. She acted like she was being punished. The scarf came off and I can’t even remember what I did with it.

  13. What’s wrong with nurse rosette…….Alice Cooper….

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