19 thoughts on “Some Men Are Not Afraid To Cuddle . . .”

  1. Gene H,

    How about some nachos and tequila? Need some salt and lime to go with.

  2. I just got a “I’m never getting a dog again” call. 😕


    One step forward, two steps back.

    If this keeps up, I’ll be doing the Cha-Cha.

  3. Don’t wake the pooch. They like to sleep.. Once they’re asleep, you need to leave them alone.

    It’s what they want!

  4. I have been posting on the Xolo fb page about a terrible decision of the Mexican club to exclude colors in the breed that had previously been allowed and hjistorically accurate.

    Now I find one of the kennels affected badly by the new Xolo Standard is messaging me in private to say these people I am highly critical of are a Mexican drug cartel. They have my real name. They have 9 criminal counts pending and 2 murder charges pending.

    Please, send in the hounds if I am ever gone missing?

  5. bettykath,

    I meant puppy in the generic. I suspect she’ll go with adopting a dog on the outer side of true puppydom. Toto was older (just this side of fully grown if I recall) and already house broken when she got him. If she thinks about going the other way, I’ll just remind her how much trouble she thinks my about to turn one kitten has been (he is as much a rascal as any puppy). However, a youngish dog will be an easier sell. I think she’s unwilling (and understandably so) to get too attached to an older dog and just have to go through all of that again so soon.

  6. Gene,

    Is your mom up to training a puppy? Is she ok with it chewing everything in sight? There are a lot of older well-trained, well-behaved dogs that would love to be adopted. They are already housebroken and beyond the chewing your favorite slipper stage. They are also immediately ready to love and protect. Something to consider.

  7. Prof.,

    I’ve been trying to talk my mom into getting a dog to replace her beloved Toto (who passed away three years ago). And when I say trying to talk her into it, I mean practically begging. She was just lost without that dog and had steadfastly refused to replace him. In all fairness, he was an extraordinary dog. A wire haired Jack Russell that was smart as a whip and a generally lovey critter. When I was living far from her, I always knew she had him for companionship and protection (and he was very protective of her).

    I just wanted to say thanks for posting this picture of the most handsome Rex as after reading the blog today, my mom came to my office, talked about what a good looking critter Rex is and then started talking about getting a new dog like it was no big deal. I don’t know if it was just the final push she needed, but this has been a long time coming. I was (as they say) stunned and amazed. I predict a new puppy will be added to the family soon. It may not have been intended this way, but you inadvertently did me a solid.


    And thanks to Rex too!

    Good dog!

  8. Mike s: “Pets………………Bah Humbug!”

    WoW! My kitty Casper (who lays on my desk with his head on my hand or arm while I type, as he is now doing) and I am kind of surprised by your statement. Your kitty’s life is greatly diminished by just having its basic needs met (kind of grudgingly it sounds like) rather than being worshiped as is appropriate. Casper is appalled. I am merely surprised that a seemingly gregarious and empathetic person would not be into companion animals. Gotta’ go, I have to fetch the kitty a treat.

  9. First rule for dog companions: I’m the alpha dog. The rest of you sort out who’s next. And no cheating, my paw is always on top.

  10. I am going to post this in the “scam” thread but thought here would be a good place too.

    Seems the Lads from Lagos have a new ploy – offering “free” pure bred bulldog pups. Simply transfer about $400 to a Nigerian bank (to cover shots & shipping of course)

    as it mentions in the story bulldogs are not natural & as a result most die at birth or very young. Sure they are cute & all but why put yourself & a bunch of dogs through this? If you love dogs pick ones that at least can sustain their own breed & not freaks of mans manipulation.

  11. Nal,

    I agree with you. I grew up with dogs in my family. My brother and sister-in-law bred, showed an sold them. I have owned cats for many years. I love both dogs and cats. They have always returned the love. However, I can’t get over how much we have anthropomorphized pets in the US in recent years. My children are grown and my wife and I can travel, save for providing for our cat’s care which adds much additional expense.

    The cat is very social and does follow me around the house wherever I go, of course I’m the one that feeds it. I’m forced to play with it, although animal play bores me, but I do have compassion for its’ needs after 14 years, so grudgingly I go along. Having gained an acquaintance whose cat is a spry 21 year old, it bodes dismally for my future responsibilities, yet killing the cat is unacceptable. In other words: Pets………………Bah Humbug!

  12. When a dog lies on top of your body or puts a paw on your leg, it is a sign they consider themselves dominant and should not be tolerated.

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