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  1. This poster is amazing. My maternal grandfather came to this country because his parents were afraid the Tzar’s Army was going to take him and that was a 25-year gig from which few emerged alive. Then the Red Army emerged from the ashes of the Revolution. I think the appeal of this poster, to young men, is that it may mimic what they have bonded to and imprinted on at home. (Uncle Sam poster too) “The Look” always interested me. At a certain time, 90s and upward, I noticed that shop window mannequins stopped being smiling ingenues and began to be hostile-looking b*tches with an expression that made me complain, “You can’t tell if it’s ‘f*ck me’ or ‘f*ck YOU’…”

    And then I noticed that “the look” was a big sell. I’m frank to say I don’t know why it’s a big sell.

    Besides, aren’t we up to 103 or 104 already?

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