15 thoughts on “Puppy Proletariat Arise!”

  1. Symbolic? Yes. True? No. The underdog is enjoying himself. Being sat on is nicer than being without it.

    All we need is some Disney music and the projection of human feelings onto animals would be complete.

    Are they cute? I’d be cuddling them now.

  2. In the words of Don Ameche in ‘Things Change’? “Things change…”

    Maybe top dog just has an aversion to putting his “canus buttus” on the cold tile.

  3. I like Chomsky’s new description “The Precariat”.

    Those who live precarious lives because of the morph into a Plutocracy.

    This pooch is much like the fun loving 1% who can’t really understand the feelings of the ungrateful 99% …

  4. Shano, don;t want to make it too sad but the powers that be, usually not drug cartels but breed associations have always done this sort of thing.
    We had gordon setters. My mother was active in the association. More and more were being born with a terrible form of brain damage. There was no doubt it was due to the inbreeding, done to keep the ‘purity’ of the breed. The association told my mother to keep her mouth shut and refused to accept any of her work, including documentation from vets from major vet schools and universities. (It was years ago, hopefully that has changed.) I understand that is also behind the high level of deafness in dalmations.
    These guys in the pic are pure cuties, whether purebred or not.
    I have not had anything to do with the dogworld since left home 40+ years ago. I( hope that they have all cleaned up their act.

  5. I just found out the Mexican Drug Cartel has written the new breed standard for the Xolo (Mexican Hairless) in order to knock their main competition out of the show ring. They changed the colors of dogs allowed in the show ring to favor their own kennel:

    “Jorge Hank Rhon is one scary dude. I am well familiar with him as I worked with greyhound rescue (Greyhound Protection League) on investigating greyhound abuse cases between 10-20 years ago. Google his full name and you will find lots of stuff about him. We got several reports from former employees of his zoo down there who were very upset that he was giving losers from his dog track to the tigers for their “entertainment.” I’m sure it has to have been true, but there is so much corruption down there, how would you know for sure? Many people refer to him and his friends as the “Mexican Mafia.”

    ——— once asked me if I wanted to go down to the shows in Tijuana with her. She said they were lots of fun, very lavish, great food and drinks for the exhibitors, etc. — they are held at the Caliente dog track complex. I told her there was no way I could go there and support them. Caliente is the bottom of the barrel, end of the line dog track, the last place for greyhounds to go when the grade off at Tucson, which is the end of the line track in the states. And this is the guy who is apparently in control of the Xolo breed in Mexico now! I am very disappointed and saddened that this breed is being controlled by this type of person. They breed a lot of dogs, and there are a lot of people in the US who have dogs from them. You probably know all about the soccer team, the Tijuana Xolos — they always bring the Caliente Xolo dogs out with the cheerleaders to show off. If you go to Flickr and google Tijuana Xolos, you will find thousands of photos from there”

    My dog is one of the approved colors, but this breed is a thousand years old – one genetics expert predicted the new rule knocks out over 60% of the current gene pool. In a small purebred dog group this is a tragedy.

  6. Don’t you mean “Trickle Down”…….. Tickle is okay, so long as you don’t find it offensive……. But you can say it any way you want…..

  7. Just give the dogs toilet paper already, yech.

    “The worst part of this authoritarian system is that it comes with a tickle down economic philosophy.”

    LMAO! 😀

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