“I Have A Problem With That”: Democratic Candidate For U.S. Senate In Tennessee Charged With Solicitation Of A Minor

While kissing babies is the stereotype of a politician, Democratic Senate candidate Thomas K. Owens is accused of a far more felonious interest after a charge of the solicitation of a minor. Police say that when asked about the solicitation of a 7-year-old girl, he said “I have a problem with that.” He was not considered a serious candidate for the primary.

The girl told her family and police that Owens, 36, hugged the girl, unzipped his pants, and asked her to perform a sex act.

Owens was sent to Lakeshore Mental Health Institute which concluded that “Mr. Owens was experiencing a severe mental disease or defect at the time of his alleged crimes. However … Mr. Owens’ severe mental disease or defect did not impair his ability to appreciate the nature or wrongfulness of the alleged behavior.” That is not good politically or legally.

Source: Tennessean

17 thoughts on ““I Have A Problem With That”: Democratic Candidate For U.S. Senate In Tennessee Charged With Solicitation Of A Minor”

  1. People usually only murder when they know they can get away with murder.

    That is the foundation of a murderous culture.

  2. Malisha, I called them twice before they blocked my number. I actually left a message for the Sheriff. If that is not a case of torture with Taser, I do not know what is.

    Then the same officer was reported for domestic abuse and nothing has happened with that call, either. He beat up both his wife & his daughter. Man, these cops can get away with murder and they know it…..

  3. Rodney King was found dead at the bottom of his swimming pool a few days ago. He was 47. He got $3.8 million because the LA police beat him up. He managed to blow all of it. Two of the cops who beat him up had to do prison time. How do you waste $3.8 million?

  4. Did he do it? Did anybody see or hear anything? Why was a 7 year old girl left alone with a 36 year old man?

    There was a case in California many years age involving a day care facility where the children were coached by the police and lawyers to lie. Several people at the day care facility had their lives ruined. They were later proven to be innocent.

  5. I don’t even want to look at it. My bucket runneth over. This EFFing country is not for real. We don’t even have tazers here. Nor do we need them.

    Why not start a national movement? Everybody carries a white flag handy in their pocket. When a LEO approaches quickly wave the flag. Might get some press. We can even stand outside of Congress, White House, Scotus. Where ever it might do some good.
    You don’t have to be a OWS to do this. Just a scared citizen.

    You do know about buckets? You go to Saudi Arabia with two empty buckets. One to fill with money, the
    other to take the manure they deal out. When one of them gets full, then it is time to go home.

    Well, now you know why I said my bucket runneth over. It ain’t the money one.

  6. Hey Shano, thanks for that posting.
    I called the Lucas County “Sheriff’s” Department and they have a recording that will not even take a message: Just the “person at this number is not available; please call again later.”

    They need more than a phone call.

    What we see in that video, if we saw it in Iran, Saudi Arabia, Russia, China, North Korea, Pakistan, Egypt, [editor, fill in countries], would be called abuse, torture, whatever — and would signal the need for regime change.

    Iowa is well known for protecting abusers. SOP there. But note that at the beginning of the video, Officer Tyler Ruble asks the woman if there is a problem and, in a low and moderate voice, she answers “NO.”

    How then did he get her into position to be tasered, hog-tied and charged with a crime? HE IS THE ABUSER, that’s how.

  7. He was just trying to get a head start…just in case he was elected to congress……

  8. “Six fake Democrats are running in the upcoming Wisconsin recall elections, openly planted by the state Republican Party to force primary elections.” (Huffington Post)

  9. He is one of seven candidates in the democratic primary….. not a serious candidate.

  10. I wonder whether he’s a candidate the same way that Green fellow who ran against DeMint was a candidate– someone paid the fee and set him up to fail.

  11. I find it odd that he was sent to the Lakeshore Mental Health Institute since it’s closing in less than two weeks. I understood that they weren’t accepting new cases.

  12. At least he got caught before he got the protections of being in Congress.

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