Rabid Skunk In Paradise: Diner Bitten By Rabid Animal In Maryland

Now this is an interesting tort.  A diner at  Cheeseburger in Paradise in California, Maryland (yes, that is the city’s name) was bitten by a skunk on the foot as she sat eating her meal.  Worse yet, the skunk was rabid.

The skunk seemed motivated by the Jimmy Buffett song and was looking for something “Not too particular not too precise (paradise).”

The attack raises an interesting question of negligence. In a rural area, animals are obviously common sights even in towns. Is it negligent for one such animal to make it into the restaurant if the bite occurred soon after entry. One argument is that the restaurant cannot guarantee that no animal will enter and is only expected to react reasonably to such an intrusion. The fact that the animal is rabid may help the restaurant because the animal was acting in an uncommon fashion and may have entered where most animals would have run away. There remains the question, of course, of the response to the sighting of the skunk.

It is not clear if the experience will lead the skunk to “[try] to amend my carnivorous habits.”

Source: Washington Post

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  1. Had to put the dog in the tub under protest. Shampoo only. Cat had to go to the vet to be treated for several puncture wounds.

  2. CLH,
    I think the tomato juice is part of the recipe our vet gave us when our first yellow lab got skunked.
    I have bird feeders that attract the raccoons and possums, and the occasional skunk. If I even smell a hint of a skunk, I don’t bring the dog out with me until the skunk slithers away.

  3. Peroxides are the most effective way to break down the smell of skunk. The three primary molecules that give skunk spray their memorable odor are thiols. Best remedy, as provide by a chemist (I think I got this from Popular Science years ago, just can’t remember enough to provide proper credit) is:

    1 qt 3% Hydrogen Peroxide
    Quarter cup of baking soda
    Teaspoon of liquid hand soap.
    Bathe your pet in this solution and rinse with warm tap water. Don’t store the mix, it builds up gas, just make up as you need.

    The baking soda catalyzes the oxidative ability of the peroxide, which oxidizes the thiols into highly water-soluble sulfonates.

  4. Malisha 1, June 20, 2012 at 12:23 pm

    Bathe in tomato juice for skunk spray. Then sprinkle on parmesan.
    I was going to scrub the dog with tomato juice, but the ex wouldn’t let me. No cheese.

  5. rafflaw 1, June 20, 2012 at 12:00 pm

    Were skunk burgers on the menu?
    Skunk burgers were not on the menu. After the skunk sprayed the dog, the dog got angry and bit the skunk on the head. The skunk wasn’t dead yet, and it managed to crawl under the fence. Why was the raccoon and skunk in the back yard? The ex-wife used to feed the birds. I think they were foraging for bird seed the birds left on the ground.

    There’s a pond behind my house. There are cattails growing around the pond. I found the skunk dead just short of the cattails. Put the skunk in a paper bag and put that in the refuse bin.

  6. @slingtrebuchet
    you did a play on words “was it a rabid or a skunk” and then…and then, did two puns. You, madam, are one steely eyed comic!

  7. woman didn’t eat out; was growing her own food; rabid code enforcement destroyed it all.

  8. leejcaroll,

    The modern treatment for rabies isn’t nearly as draconian as the old “huge needle in the stomach” of yesteryear. Modern treatments are shots given in the arm and are comparable in discomfort to a flu shot.

  9. Rabid skunk? My cat Butch tried to beat up by a raccoon one time, so I let the dog out. Butch wasn’t winning. A German Shepherd/Golden Retriever. The dog was going to kick the raccoon’s ass, but the raccoon ran over the fence.

    Then a skunk sprayed the dog. The dog killed the skunk. I found the skunk dead behind the fence in the back yard. The dog felt humiliated. We had to make him take a bath. He didn’t like that either.

  10. Sling, ((*_*))
    A shame it wasnt in Massachuseets, Having a skiunk in your restaurant might already have been banned. (Although maybe only the sweet ones who came in and gave you a nuzzle)
    I feel bad for the woman though. What she has to go through now will be a horror for her, from what I understand about the treatment.

  11. Would the city have some liability if its animal control agency allowed rabies to spread in the first place?

  12. No wait. I don’t understand.
    Was it a rabid or a skunk that bit her?

    Whatever it was, I’ll bet the restaurant will try to weasel out of it.
    They’ll need a foxy lawyer though.

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