18 thoughts on “Find The Kitteh Contest”

  1. There is perceptibly a bunch to know about this. I believe you made certain good points in features also

  2. The kitteh is in this object on the pile …


  3. Found it but took a long time … time to rest my eyes and go out to dinner.

  4. Apologies. Should have said: “finding myself half-intelligent…..”

    Still looks like garbage to me. And I would never say that to a cat. My theory was that cats seek high
    places or dark spaces. Well there was too much dark so looked at the high ones and found two candidates.

    Stumped. Not first time.

    I still think NAL is pulling our legs. And will until the cat scratches me.

  5. It opened to the answer so I knew where it was. Funny thing was when I enlarged it without the ring I saw a miniature maybe pug type black and white dog only to go to the answer and the pug was the kitteh, still looks like a dog to me.

  6. Hmmmm….. Cats in the cradle should have been the song today…

  7. At this point not finding a hula-hoop and finding previous commenters half-intelligible, I conclude there is not one in this photo.

    It was inevitable. Where is the kitteh? There is none!

  8. blech

    that is disgusting

    no kit would be there, go there or stay there of their own volition and there are ill winds for any soul that has any hand in him/her being there.

    so there…..

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