13 thoughts on “Cute Kitteh Picture”

  1. coincidentally, a picture of that kitty, sound asleep, and half in/half out of its soft bed showed up on my fb page tonight.

  2. Yes, kids and kittehs can sleep anywhere. I wonder where this kitteh’s soft bed is? Maybe the kid is sleeping in it.

  3. Oro Lee-

    Did you spot the kitteh looking out of the fourth window from the right on the 9th floor of the apartment building?

  4. Oro Lee, 🙂

    The little guy is probably exhausted from a 10 hour session of gaming with its human from the look of the titles.

  5. Kids, and I use the word consciously, kids can sleep anywhere as long as they are not stressed.

    Consolation to those younger than my 75, the ability returns with age.

    And who could not love this little one.

    Some improbable dog and samll cat pictures must be grounded in “love all the babies, regardless of species” feeling in all mammals.

    A shame nature did not equip humans as thought readers or communicators.

  6. Bast is pleased this Saturday, perhaps the winds will carry the scent of rose blossoms and fresh baked bread. ……. Woosty ????

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