Black Like Us: Detroit Congressman Reportedly Outed As White

Detroit appears to have its own version of the Elizabeth Warren Cherokee controversy. Congressman Hansen Clarke, D-13th District, has been attacked by his opponents of not being black. Forced into an unusual position Wednesday, responding to allegations that he’s masquerading as black to get votes. A robocall is informing Detroit voters that Clarke is not really black in a clearly racist appeal. Clarke is running for the newly redrawn 14th Congressional District, which includes Detroit, against two black women, Mary Waters and Brenda Lawrence.

The controversy in Detroit even has the same type of birth certificate controversy involving a relative. Opponents object that his mother’s birth certificate lists her as white. However, Clarke insists that she was a light-skinned black and that such individuals were often listed as white on birth certificates.

We previously discussed the propriety of President Obama campaigning as the black candidate in appealing to African-American voters. This is the reverse: campaigning against someone because they are not black. However, the issue remains similar in the debate over whether a racial community should favor (or disfavor) a candidate over the ability (or inability) to share their experiences.

Clarke continues to insist that he is “multiracial” and says that Detroit continues to decline because “politicians want to play race all the time. The costs have been enormous on us.”

There was a time when candidates were opposed for not being white and the nation denounced such campaigns as racist. The response to the Detroit robocall has been remarkably mild in comparison. Is there a difference?

Source: CBS

28 thoughts on “Black Like Us: Detroit Congressman Reportedly Outed As White”

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  2. BettyKath,

    I was, up until your first mention of JFK, very much into finding out the reasons he had disturbed the

    establichment, including FBI (RFK), FED system (interest on OUR money, it is private, not government), the Bay of Pigs debacle and his refusal to send more forces, distrust of CIA (fired the chief Dulles), etc,etc. Ellsberg had warned him IN Vietnam 9 years earlier of the untenable situation there.

    But then the idea hit me that although he was the man, but it also could have been a planned move not solely connected to him.

    If you accept that there is a group who steers the country with the privmary goal to benefit corporatism, then the need for a shock event to demonstrate to all who have need to know, that it ain’t the Prez who steers, it is xxxxx.

    I’m sure you can add more, to my abbreciated list, but my variant on who and the prime motive can be questioned on other grounds. But a demonstration without the risk of spreading via intermeiary channels seems better than a sitdown in the Oval would be.

    Thanks for the backchannel. I asked about Nison’s VP to be to see who would have followed him if Nixon ha been the one to take the fall. Lodge seems ideal as a takeover man trusted as part of the blue bloods.

  3. 707, JFK, yes. Long prepared, he just happened to be the sitting prez, some say. Good stuff.
    There was a lot JFK was doing that was threatening to a lot of people. He wanted to get rid of the CIA, he started printing money as a start in getting rid of the FED, he thought Viet Nam was a quagmire and was going to call the advisers home, he was having back channel talks with Khrushchev which allowed the Russians to back down rather than the USAF bombing their ships and Cuba, he was having back channel talks with Castor, he was having back channel talks with someone else.

    oh, yes, Henry Cabot Lodge, Jr. I looked it up. Consider who the VPs were when attempts were made on Ford and Reagan

  4. David,

    Briefly. Liked that, all of it.
    IRL I am pretty successful now in looking at all with love in my eyes, and often it is reflected back in an acceptable form to the bnefit of both.. And yet I have difficulty here doing so. Fear, I fear.

    Will catch you later.

  5. idealist707
    David Blauw,
    Useful rhyme. Just insert your current hate in third sentence, and away you go.

    I feel hate is a very negative expression and not casually used.
    Here’s one for you.

    “Bitterness and Spite….Only its Owner Truly Bite”

    I am frustrated and angered by the common display of superiority expressed by some “white” people simply because of accident of birth.
    I can add accident of environment, of parents, historical times, etc. Everyone should have a fair shot. This is so untrue in reality
    Hating the haters is a 2 edge sword, everybody gets cut.
    I would change the third line to “The obsessors of layers and levels”
    Stopping at the surface of a person makes humanity shallow indeed.
    I feel much sadness at ignorance being promoted and accepted.
    Peace is worth 10X the effort of war. Peace to you 707

  6. Patrick Macdonald: One has to wonder how far into our future this bizarre bent of honoring those anointed ‘special’ by sheer luck of the gene pool draw, will haunt us.

    It always will. It is inherent in people that we need someone to be on a lower scale then we are to feel better about ourselves and someone higher so we have a level to which we can aspire.

    Luck of the gene pool is what gives us models, “A” list actors, etc. Studies have shown those with blonde hair and pretty do get special treatmen; those of us not blessed in the looks department, even if we are in the intellectual department, have to work harder to get recognized.

    It is a very sad part of being human.

  7. David Blauw,

    Useful rhyme. Just insert your current hate in third sentence, and away you go.


    Authoritative, thanks. JFK, yes. Long prepared, he just happened to be the sitting prez, some say. Good stuff.
    Quiz: Anybody remember who Nixon’s ’60 VP co-candidate. 10,000 in prize money. Purpose: To clearly show those in
    the know, who the EFF runs this country, and it ain’t the Prez.

    The citizenship is summarized well and decided with the Indonesian point added to the equation. The equation is nnot complete until we add in an election, which he won.
    No double jeopardy clsuse.

    CAUTION: Prez has initiated purchase of Siberian land to build an incarceration facility for “dissident”, a sub-category of “terrorist supporter”. Are you elegible for transfer?

    “Where’s your proof”. Reply: “It’s in my head. I use it. Do you think I am CIA director?”

    Speculation? You betcha. They don’t honor FOIA requests on this.

    Conspiracy? You betcha. What do you think runs this country.

    Clip: “Don’t you know that corruption is what pays us”?


  8. Color your Hearts Honest and True.
    Everyday before you’re Through.
    To Lovers of Layers and Levels of
    Melanin.. I say F*** YOU.

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