Rocky Road: Arkansas Woman Accused Of Hit-And-Run Claims She Did Not Want Ice Cream To Melt

In Arkansas, Flora Burkhart, 58, has a curious defense to hit and run. She was cited by police at her home after leaving the scene of an accident. When confronted about the flight, Burkhart explained that she did not think the damage was significant and could not stop because she had ice cream in the car that would melt.

After she hit a pickup truck from behind, she left the scene but was followed by other driver, Derek Parker. Each car sustained $500 in damages.

She was cited for leaving the scene of an accident and driving too closely to Parker’s vehicle. It could be worse. She could have claimed that she did not want her beer to get warm in her open container.

In another such case, we previously followed the alleged hit-and-run by former U.S. Commerce Secretary John Bryson. The police have decided not to charge Bryson, even though he did not have an ice cream. Bryson claims to have suffered a seizure in the accident.

Source: KSDK as first seen on Reddit.

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  1. Blouise, I don’t think anything here has changed since 1965.
    and Gene I could grab Hubby and my pug walk out and leave everything and never look back. Hubby is sposed to be here for 2 1/2 years but has said that he can retire early. At 65 he can get medicare and take a little less in social security. My house in Nc is paid off and waiting for us. So I am hoping that Aug 2013 will see the end of Ark

  2. Jo,

    The hassle you are having just to get your routine meds filled is simply ridiculous. However, it is Arkansas. When as state is so backward that people from Louisiana make fun of it for being backward, well, they’re trying to teach the Loch Ness Monster to disprove evolution to school kids in Louisiana so they do know about backwards there. In a way. I suppose. When I was in high school, my mother worked for an East coast manufacturing company and she was assigned to help sort out the management at their Little Rock facility. Like your husband’s job, it was a temporary assignment. After my second visit to her there she said it was okay if I didn’t want to come back and she still hadn’t (and never did) fully unpack in anticipation of getting out of there. When her assignment was done, she said it took her about 3 hours to pack what little she had out and most of that was clothes.

    Hang in there! This too shall pass.

  3. Jo,

    I’m very sorry to read of the problems you are encountering with your meds. I wish I could help but I don’t know anyone in Arkansas.

    I understand exactly what you are saying about the state. I visited there once … never, ever again. Never. I’m not going to go into what I saw and experienced … suffice it to say it was 1965 soon after the Selma-Montgomery March in Alabama.

  4. leejcaroll, The weathermen are about the only ones I see on tv lately that use their intelligence
    Recently there was a Planetary occurance that was visible in Ar I think it was the transit of Venus. The weather man of KARK was telling about it and said” I had to wait till almost sunset to see it because of the lights. The anchor and yes it was the same dip—- that made a phonecall said ” But I don’t understand How did you see it after sunset you know with the curvature of the earth and all that” The weather man rolled his eyes and said “thats why I said almost”

  5. Leejcaroll, I am not asking a primary physician to prescribe pain meds. I go to a pain clinic for that. I am seeking a primary physician to treat diabetes, high cholesterol high thyroid levels to run A1C tests liver functions etc the things that a primary does. As of 4:30 pm Friday I got an appointment with a doctors office and will see on Tuesday how it goes.I called 22 offices on friday alone not to mention the others I have tried to get appointments with during the last weeks.

    AS for the guy on tv making the cell call it was the morning anchor Matt Mosler. You know how the anchors engage in jaunty patter . it occurred during that. I have noticed for a long time now how the television personalities butcher the english language as well as promote social attitudes. Once a weatherman ( in NC) announced that we would be having some “outdoor” weather that day. As opposed to all the rain we had been experiencing indoors lately???
    When I complained to hubby he sais “well, you know what he means” and yes I did understand the imbecile but as we go along language is changing (language always evolves) but it is now in the hands of people whos ambition is to be a TV personality and not Journalists who understand language and its meanings and uses. Now the TV personalities are most concerned by their (and others) looks and this attitude is what is making it across the TV screen.

  6. My nephew was at a station in little rock but has not been there for about 2 years and was unaware of it. I could see a weatherman, whihc my nephew is, doing something like that as a ‘goof’ thing but a reporter……..geesh

  7. Jo, I am so sorry for your situation.
    It is confusing and confounding to me that you can;t find a doctor for your ‘regular’ conditions, the diabetes and so on.
    Unfortunately I understand their fear of prescribing pain meds but there has to be a reason you are having doors closed in your face. Have you asked for a copy of your medical records?
    As someone with a 30+ year hx of chronic pain the DEA has made our situation worse, many doctors so afraid of it they treat pain patients as potential felons first and patients second. To my knowledge we are the only group of patients for whom many docs require a signed opiate compliance form. Permission for random urine tests is not patient friendly but law scared. It makes the relationship between patient and pain doc adverserial.
    (Jo, I am author of THE PAINED LIFE, a chronic pain journey and a blog, The pained life, 30 years and counting; my experience is as patient as opposed to professional like OS and family.)
    Our Women In Pain Awareness group might be something you are interested in, some of our folks may have some suggestions based on their years of experience.)!/groups/111961795481256/

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