The Merry Mug Shot: Houston College Student Arrested In Death Of Pit Bull

When you are accused of getting drunk and killing your dog, this is not the mug shot you want to take at the Galveston police station. Bill Cody Omer, 23, pulled up intoxicated in front of Amanda Harding’s house with a dead pit bull in car. She called police who arrested Omer. Omer is reportedly a college student.

Harding is also a pit bull owner. Omer is accused of leaving the dog in the car for over an hour. He said that he was checking on the dog every 45 minutes. When police arrived, he was found cradling the dog and crying — a sharp change from his mug shot moment.

He is charged with a felony that is punishable with up to two years in jail — though that is unlikely. Experts say the dog is likely to die after just 20 minutes in such heat.

This sounds like a case for a plea. You certainly do not want this mug shot to be shown to a jury.

Source: ABC

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  1. Would that have to be a “no-kill” shelter? Maybe not, maybe he needs to be the person who has to dispose of dogs and cats that have had to be euthanized, largely due to irresponsible pet ownership.

  2. @bettykath “This guy seems to have remorse for the loss of his dog. He has learned a lesson whether he goes to jail or not.” Sorry, hon, but are we on the same Internet? Are we on the same PLANET?? THIS picture does not indicate an attitude of remorse, not anywhere on THIS earth. What’s more, the only lesson he will learn if he gets away with no jail time is that you can act irresponsibly, cause terrible suffering to another, and get off Scott free.

    Maybe he shouldn’t go to jail; maybe he should be sentenced to a year of community service working at a local Humane Society where he can see first hand the suffering inflicted by people who abuse-inadvertently or not-their pets. Whatever the sentence, it should be be significant enough to seriously disrupt his life. Killing an animal is a terrible crime and the penalty should be severe.

  3. I am an animal person too raff……. But wheres the mens rea……. To be guilty of a criminal activity…… Public intoxication or some driving offense….maybe yes….. Those are general intent mostly…… Animal Cruelty in most states require specific intent…. Knowing, wilful….etc…maybe wrong…. But think I’m right….

  4. From my (very limited) understanding that’s the concept of discipline in Japanese society. And from that, it would seem that you might have hit the nail on the head. Stocks and pillories and Scarlet “A”s should have gone the way of blunderbusses and buckled hats. I do kind of like the penitent nature of the Quakers, though.

  5. Ernest Spoon
    1, July 6, 2012 at 1:21 pm
    How much any of you wanna bet, the young miscreant is working toward an MBA?
    and junctionshamus too….too funny!
    but seriously, do you really think that shame based learning creates anything but fearful people?

  6. I’ll see your MBA, and raise you Pre-Law (personal injury). Firm motto: “Who needs a pit bull, when you have a pit bull killer!”

  7. @Dredd & Raff – Hate to make assumptions, but guys like that are usually prodigious breeders. The one (possible) saving grace is that his reputation will proceed him, or he possesses the other two parts of the “Joe Dirt” trifecta, a Timex and a Trans Am; all he needed was a mullet to complete the picture…

  8. Cheryl, I think this incident was due to carelessness and ignorance, not maliciousness. I do think he’s learned a lesson but agree with you that he needs punishment. Working with a shelter is a good idea, while in jail or as community service. He needs to learn how to properly take care of animals. Let’s home he is massively embarrassed by his mug shot. If his mom is a bit sadistic, maybe she’ll add it to his photo album.

  9. Learned a lesson? Really?? Not if this mug shot was taken after the death of the dog.The tears were more likely ‘beer blues’ than actual remorse. He needs jail time, perhaps in a system that allows inmates to rehab animals. Maybe they’d get the point across.

  10. “This sounds like a case for a plea. You certainly do not want this mug shot to be shown to a jury.”
    but why (and how) is it here?
    this is a public website on the internet. Are mugshots just free-ware?
    Instant fodder via the LAW ENFORCEMENT AGENCIES (who are probably responsible for a hell of a lot more drinking than even College kids….) for the humiliation-squad???? Is it the new norm to parade drunks and the like while the corrupt politicos and wealthy thieves are shielded even from public knowledge??

    No wonder the kids are learning to be so cruel…..

  11. It’s not unusual for young people to not realize how hot a car can get and how quickly and the devastating effect it has on animals. This guy seems to have remorse for the loss of his dog. He has learned a lesson whether he goes to jail or not. At 23 he should have a bit more judgement but throw in alcohol and judgement is out the window.

  12. Whatever college this idiot is going to should double check their admissions policies. How drunk do you have to be to not know that keeping dogs in hot cars is a bad combination? Disgusting!

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