What Seems To Be The Problem, Officer?

This officer in Hunan, China thought that there was something wrong with the driving of this man on a motorcycle. I assume it is because he is driving on the shoulder.

Having been to China on a number of occasions, I can say that this is a mild infraction in comparison to what you see on the streets of Beijing where drivers routinely go on the sidewalk and ignore traffic signals or lights.

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  1. You think this is bad try Mexico City at 5….. A traditionally 5/2 or 10 lane Hwy becomes a 14 lane…… This guy gets points in style……

  2. An excerpt from above article

    Ms Stern says she and her boyfriend were feeling the beat and there were very few people on the platform so they started moving to the rhythm.

    That’s when police came in and spoiled the fun, they told the New York Post.

    ‘They said, “What are you doing?” and we said, “We’re dancing,”‘ she recalled.

    ‘And they said, “You can’t do that on the platform.”‘

    The officers demanded their ID. When Ms Stern only had a credit car, the police ordered the couple to go with them.

    When Mr Hess pulled out a camera to start recording the incident, the officers called for backup and the situation turned nasty, the couple says.

    They claim more police ran to the subway platform and tackled Mr Hess, 54, to the floor and handcuffed him. Ms Stern, 55, was also cuffed and arrested.

  3. junctionshamus,

    Two gold stars. One for the Indian Larry reference and one for the absolutely horrible wonderful? “vicious cycle of stupidity” pun.

  4. bettykath beat me to it. This one isn’t funny. Freakin’ no-sense of humor gestapo Philly cops strike again.

  5. That was an astute observation, Leejcaroll. What’s the Chinese translation (in any dialect , of course ) for “yikes” , a trendy word much favored years ago by American teens and not much said today. I think the today’s dictionary would give a synonym for yikes as “nerdy” .

  6. At first I thought when you wrote he was driving on the shoulder, it was on the shoulder of a driver. Yikes.

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