“Happy Slapping”: Two Chicago Teens Charged With Fatal Beating of Father of 12 Captured For Facebook

It has been a rough year for my hometown from thugs in limos to random beat downs. Now, Delfino Mora, 62, a father of 12, has been beaten to death by teens who filmed the murder and posted it on a gang members Facebook site. Three teens — Malik Jones, 16, Nicholas Ayala, 17, (shown left) and Anthony Malcolm (shown right), 18 — have been arrested. The beating is what is called “happy slapping” where thugs will beat people at random and then post it on Facebook or YouTube.

Mora was collecting cans in an alley on the Rogers Park neighborhood when he was selected at random for an attack. He died seven hours later after being discovered by a passerby.

Jones allegedly gave his cell phone to the two other alleged attackers and Ayala and Malcolm alleged took turns filming the fun of beating a old man down on the street. Jones then posted the video with pride on his Facebook page.

Below is the man killed for fun by the teens.

Source: Sun-Times

10 thoughts on ““Happy Slapping”: Two Chicago Teens Charged With Fatal Beating of Father of 12 Captured For Facebook”

  1. Charles Bronson. Don’t blame him because he was an American actor of Lithuanian descent.

  2. They are also seeing in England where they also banned guns for self defence that the crimes there are much worse and much bloodier. It has gotten so bad there that cops have quit the job. They cannot take the bloody scenes they have to cover since the gun ban. People are being beaten to death with several types of things since guns are no longer allowed – both in England and Chicago. More knifings as well. When you have NO guns for self defence you automatically get much more crime and bloodier crimes and dangerous living conditions – no one is safe in a no gun zone – that has been proven for many years everywhere there is a gun ban. Criminals just love gun bans. It’s like an open invitation for them.

  3. They’re not children. They didn’t just beat him, they filmed it. Does that show intent?

  4. I’m usually against adult prison terms for children under 21, but this is so heinous and I’m not sure there’s anything there in these kids to ever restore back to any semblance of humanity.

  5. “Off with their heads”. The plantagenet thread which I missed caught my eye on the sidebar. Is there anything sensible and new to add to these deeds?

  6. Jude,
    Where is your evidence that having a gun ban years ago is related to this horrific crime?
    These felons should be put away for a long, long time just for being stupid enough to film their outrageous and hideous crime.

  7. And Chicago had that gun ban for such a long time. I’m sure it did a lot of good, right? In a city where anybody can be randomly targeted, what could people do to defend themselves?

    Oh, Chicago… Glad I don’t live there anymore.

  8. This is crazy and just wrong in so many ways….. But, they get no better stewardship that the Chicago PD….

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