Arizona Man Interviews For Border Patrol and Proceeds To Confess To Child Molestation, Bestiality, and Drug Use

I have heard about some bad interview experiences from law students but few could top Cody Slaughter, 22, who interviewed for a job with the border patrol. Slaughter was a bit more forthcoming than usual in answering questions by revealing that he had molested a 2-year-old girl, had sexual relations with a dog, horse and pig, and had a history of drug abuse. He didn’t get the job but he is working with law enforcement after his arrest.

Slaughter has been charged with one count of criminal sexual conduct with a minor. This charge is interesting because he was only 14 at the time. The bestiality counts cover acts from 2004 and 2012.

It is not clear why he applied for a job with the intention of confessing to such crimes. However, it did not prove a successful approach for Slaughter.

Source: ABC

14 thoughts on “Arizona Man Interviews For Border Patrol and Proceeds To Confess To Child Molestation, Bestiality, and Drug Use”

  1. @ MattJ –

    US ARMY (Uncle Sam Ain’t Released Me Yet)
    USMC (Uncle Sam’s Misguided Children)

    Mespo – I think someone needs an ass-whoopin’! 😀

  2. Don’t even let him join the Marines. I apologize for insulting the Marines. Okay, I’ll insult the army instead. Don’t let him join the army either.

  3. Pete, this guy obviously was confused–he probably thought Border Patrol was a branch of TSA, and he’d probably start off as at least a Captain! DEFINITELY TSA material.

  4. Yes, but his previous employer praised him as arriving on the job “frequently sober.” In addition, the dog, the horse, and the pig have yet to confirm his so-called confession. So, let’s not rush to judgment.

  5. I have had some bad interviews, but this one takes the cake. Was he on the truth serum drug during the interview??

  6. They arrested him for bestiality but not for drug use, in the context of a border patrol job interview? Who are going to be the complaining witnesses if he pleads NOT GUILTY?

  7. I know this is a bit OT, but speaking of the TSA, did anyone see the story about the guy with the world’s largest penis (Guinness Book) going through a TSA checkpoint? They were nonplussed by his weapon of mass conception. I would have liked to have watched the expression on the face of the TSA examiner who was given the assignment of patting him down.

  8. Pete,

    I think you’re right…… Or at least security guard or corrections employment…. To say the least….

  9. he’d be wasting his talents in the boarder patrol, he’s TSA material.

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