10 thoughts on “Can You Pick Out The Canine Character At The Pound?”

  1. That dog needs a home. The ex-wife adopted a cat at the animal shelter because he put his paw out and waved at her. She said his name is Kato. I said no, his name is Butch.

  2. I have a friend who is a retired corporate attorney in Missouri. She now runs an animal shelter and would agree marketing is key. She also believes screening folks is important, otherwise the dog will often return..or worse.

  3. My late lamented Albert, a tuxedo cat, was adopted from the Milwaukee animal shelter when a kitten in 1978. He was hanging on the front of the cage meowing his head off-so of course I adopted him. Since I knew he would need a buddy (I would be spending long hours at the law firm), I found another tuxedo cat with no marketing skills, hiding at the back of the cage-Mr. Crazy. (Unrelated, not littermates.) Albert was always a “me first”, pushy cat who totally dominated the sweety pie Mr. Crazy. Albert lived to be 19 and his buddy, Mr. Crazy, 18.

  4. I bet he was adopted in a milisecond.
    (I got my first cats at North Shore Animla league in new york, many years back. It is still no kill and they took, at least then, and I have to assume now too, wonderful care of tyhier charges and went out of their way to connect you with the right animal(s) )

  5. Everything in moderation, including moderation. This blog has some censor device that wont let this dog describe a female dog. Or a female dog to scribe her real name here. So I will resort to iglatinpay: ichenbayDog wants to say that if Dogs With Out Papers dont get some respect in this country that there is going to be a Revolution. Adopt that Dog.

  6. Many shelters are non-kill and have a very active adoption program. Some shelters are set up for a particular breed but blood lines aren’t checked. Many have web sites that feature their dogs and cats. Everything from the cutest puppies imaginable to well trained adults. All are waiting with massive amounts of love for their forever family.

    Volunteers foster dogs. Volunteers provide transportation services, sometimes over long distances in relays. Since value is usually based on what we pay, and the shelters never have enough funds, there is usually a cost to the adopting family, enough to cover the spay/neuter procedure, shots, etc., sometimes gas money for the transport.

    There is no reason whatever to buy a puppy at the mall or a neighborhood pet store.

  7. Why would you characterize that disgusting pig pen with blood and spittal on the bars as a “pound”? Give that poor dog a home. Americans do the same “lie jive” when they call the pigs who come out to steal dogs “humane society” officers. It is real “human” to go put on some phony uniform and go out and steal dogs just because they dont have some humanoid “tag” on a collar stating that their name is Fido so and so and here is my prison number. All dogs do go to heaven. Many dogs on Earth went to Heaven and begged Saint Peter to send them back to Earth on the next go-round as dogs. Only the good humans make it. Certainly not Humane Society fat slobs with shaved heads. This dog speakin to ya here barely made the cut.

    BarkinDog, Chairman of DWOPs (Dogs With Out Papers)

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