How to Clean Your Cat In 30 Seconds Or Less

This cat appears to love a good vacuuming — though we recommend the shag carpeting setting. The ultimate example of multitasking for the busy pet owner.

If you add carpet freshener, your cat comes out Pine Fresh . . .

It is funny how dogs and cats react differently to vacuums. I am not a cat owner but I have heard of cats who like vacuums. Every dog I have owned has hated vacuums and barks at the device or hides from it.

21 thoughts on “How to Clean Your Cat In 30 Seconds Or Less”

  1. The oohmm in transcendental meditation comes to mind. Preborns definitely
    have developed senses and definitely do not have language …. the plumbing for language is in place I’m sure but there is no there there yet. Sound, vibration, warmth and movement, bathe the mature fetus. These “feelings” have no way to register in the conscience brain (in a retrievable form) they just are. Surely they are not lost in the “Beauty and Wonder” of childbirth. To see a 12 hour young baby sleeping peacefully after the ordeal of birth ( I have twice, with my two daughters) is an image I felt and remember. I am sure that in all of us, somehow, our pre and post birthing experience left vestiges of it somewhere between the ears.
    Scientist speak of the radiation filling the universe still here from the Big Bang. IMO these first sensings of the fetus in the womb must be wired into us all….still. Oohmm Oohmm.

    PS. I highlighted “Beauty and Wonder” of childbirth, because I was a “participant” twice, meaning I was there, encouraging and “helpful” Both experiences may be tied for the #1 true life filled memory of my life.
    In some ways I never felt so helpless also. I nod my head, tip my hat, to all you Mothers out there.

  2. “There is much to be said for the work that goes into mastering a sport, but their over-emphasis perhaps leads to such abuse.”

    PERHAPS? Does it or doesn’t it.

    I think it does. And that is what I have written.

    The great praying at the American fighting spirit altar is the cause in my mind. And every parent who helps his child pray there is indicted in my mind of child abuse—-their children’s moral values only, but more worthy of contempt for that.

  3. idealist707, You were cutting edge. My daughter is a college educated nanny. She couldn’t find a job and found a family that treat her well. My daughter takes her job seriously and found a lot of literature on these womb like sound machines. What was conventional wisdom for generations, that being babies needed quiet, is flat ass wrong. Both girls[4 and 1 year olds] have these machines and sleep through the night and nap w/o a problem. They’re now hot sellers in the Twin Cities and I surmise elsewhere.

  4. nick spinelli,

    I wrote in and suggested that recordings taken through the abdominal wall of the mother should be played continuously looped to new borns lying alone.

    Glad to know someone used the idea. The kids need it.

    Silence must be scary as hell to them.

  5. Newborn babies also love the sound of vacuum cleaners. It’s similar to the sounds they heard in the womb. Companies make good money selling sound machines that sound like a little mellower vacuum cleaner.

  6. raff, Maybe a smaller, quieter vacuum rather than a floor model with a gradual introduction.

  7. She needs to figure out how to get the cat to turn over so she “brush” the his back.

    My cats didn’t like the vacuum but they loved my computer keyboard. Got between me and the monitor every time. I think they were jealous.

  8. Maybe the sound reminds of mamas purring, you know the kind from the vibration.

    And maybe mama slicked their bellies, and that was nice.

    Has anybody tried catnip? Smoked it? Let me know how it felt.

  9. feemiester– what do you mean “It’s like the cat has the woman trained”? Pretty sure this is a win for the cat.

  10. I get out the vacuum and mine run away as fast as they can, “It’s going to eat me!!”

  11. Two of my cats don’t care if you use a vacuum around them, and the other two you don’t see all DAY after you use it! When I was growing up we had a dog who was like the above cat when you would vacuum him. That original youtube is BAD! It’s like the cat has the woman trained to be his personal free massage therapist!!!

  12. What is it about vacuum cleaners and cats? All four of my cats loved the vacuum. They would ride on it when I was trying to do the carpets and sleep on it when not in use.

  13. The Ferality of the cat that allows me to feed him would over shadow the vacuum…..

  14. I would be a bloody pile of rags and viscera in 30 seconds if I tried this with my cats

  15. Like the Bristol Palin show clip that’s going around, :30 is way too much.
    Cute cat, though.

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