13 thoughts on “Find The Kitteh Contest”

  1. ‘The soldiers and airmen anxiously await the expected reprisals, but instead they get a message of thanks from the Zanti leaders, who could not bring themselves to execute members their own species, so they have sent them into the hands of a race with no qualms about killing — the human race.’ Wikipedia….
    Henman, I never cease to learn something from you….Zanti bugs…who knew! there is no better explanation for the current weirdness in the world…

  2. And what about what appears to be a kitteh way up on the branch to the left.

  3. took a little while but i did find the tree kitteh. what i was really wondering is why does a building like this have a satellite dish?

  4. The kitteh climbed the tree to get a better look at the Zanti Misfits climbing down the curtains in the beautiful mansion next door.

  5. Wait one gall-darn minute … a rear view??!! Is that allowed in the rules?!

    I hear your maniacal chuckle, Nal.

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