22 thoughts on “Dumpster Diving Bears”

  1. I have a favorite “off the beaten trail” camping spot near Ruidoso. A few years ago as I set up camp I noticed a bear lurking about. I shooed it away a couple of times, but each time it returned more aggressive and closer to the camp. I finally chucked everything into the tent and quickly retreated with my stuff.

    Then the two cubs came down from the tree near where I had pitched the tent!

  2. Better than the kitteh contest. The little guys got out in a hurry.

  3. smarter than the average bears.

    the humans did pretty good too. made sure they could leave in a hurry if momma misunderstood their intentions.

  4. I love how fast the little guys scampered up and out. (maybe its time for some find the bear contests ((*_*)) )

  5. bettykath, Correct, and these type dumpsters are supposed to be “bear proof.” There is nothing made by man that is bear or raccoon proof.

  6. There are probably some clips like this involving homeless people being rescued.

  7. Turns out dumpster diving by the bears happens frequently. The bears know how to open the locks on the bins. This couple has done this before.

  8. Nal,

    I’m not sure why…. Maybe the techie folks can give you a hand…. You know you could always post a YouTube video…. It’s always a pleasure to hear your selections…..

  9. Dredd

    So the folks who live in that area better not leave any ladders on their house especially by any windows,YIKES!!

  10. Terrific. Just give them a way out and they take it. Good bears, Good bears.

  11. That was cute and nice….. But nal…..It still doesn’t cut the Sunday morning blues…… No music….. Why not?

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