And the Mystery Woman Is . . .

The mystery woman who has caused such an international stir from the opening games has been found. Fingers have been pointed in every direction after a mysterious woman was shown walking with the Indian athletes in the opening ceremony of the Olympics. People demanded to know who could possibly walk to the front of a team and participate in the almost sacred progression for elite athletes. The answer is Madhura Nagendra, a graduate student from the southern city of Bangalore.

Nagendra is currently pursuing an MBA in London and was a volunteer at the Olympics when she decided to march along side of Indian flag bearer Sushil Kumar. The Indian team denounced the security at the Olympics for allowing someone to simply join the procession without an athletic outfit or credential. An official letter of complaint has been lodged and her parents have moved to an undisclosed location to avoid the crush of media attention in India. However, her father K.L. Nagendra insisted that someone invited her to join the delegation. He is quoted as saying “She was a part of the opening ceremony as a dancer. She was later asked by someone in the organizing committee to be a part of the Indian march past.”

If so, that member of the organizing committee is not likely to return to any Olympics. It would seem odd to first believe that you can walk with the athlete in a ceremony reserved for competitors and then walk at the front of the team with the flag bearer. That is the Gold Medal of Chutzpah.


Source: NY Daily News

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  1. Justice Holmes – I’m with you. the only thing sacred about the Olympics is the grab for cash. The IOC hovers it in as hard and fast as it can, Its members get what they can for themselves at the same time. The host city plunders the national treasury and has several other “revenue streams” that stomp on local businesses. The National teams (as many as can at least) sell their souls to the likes of Nike, Subaru, Hy-C, and anyone else that approaches with cash in hand. The successful athletes cash in big on their own too.

    Nothing is sacred before the great god mammon – the IOC would sell the right to walk with teams if they thought they could get away with it.

  2. “almost sacred”. There is nothing almost sacred about the Olympics. It is a competition that was once an example of the best athletes but it has now been taken over by greed, secrecy and the worse kind of arrogance on the part of the organizers.
    I feel sorry for the athletes –grist in the mill of corporations. Too bad.

  3. Jeeze… Elitists wherever you may go…. Sounds more like pro athletes….. Isn’t mark Phelps scheduled to get something like 40 million in endorsements this year……

  4. In her support, I can hear the electricity starved throngs cry out –
    “I’m Sparta-krishna!”
    No, I’M Sparta-krishna!”

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