Say It Ain’t So, Yongbo: Chinese Accused Of Cheating At Badminton

There is another interesting legal controversy in the Olympics (I watch just for the challenges and appeals). The Chinese have again been accused of cheating — this time in Badminton. Onlookers booed and heaped abuse on Chinese players as they clearly threw matches to secure a better draw later in the competition. This reportedly prompted the South Korean team to also intentionally lose – resulting in an embarrassment for the entire field. Eight female players have now been charged with the novel offenses of “not using one’s best efforts to win a match” and “conducting oneself in a manner that is clearly abusive or detrimental to the sport.” The charged players include China’s world champions Wang Xiaoli and Yu Yang. China’s long-serving head coach Li Yongbo denied any such effort even though observers said it was obvious and obnoxious. [UPDATE: all of the players have now been disqualified from the competition]

The South Koreans admit to their attempts to throw the match but insist that it was in retaliation after the Chinese players start to intentionally serve into the net and make obvious intentional misplays.

China’s Yu Yang and Wang Xiaoli and South Korean’s Jung Kyung Eun and Kim Ha Na were the focus of the misconduct in trying to throw their women’s doubles badminton match. Also charged were Indonesia’s Greysia Polii and Meiliana Jauhari and two South Korean players HA Jung-eun and Kim Min Jung.

China issued a statement that it did not approve of any misconduct and “opposes any behavior or acts which contravene this spirit or sports morality for any reason or in any form.”

South Korea head coach Sung Han-kook had a rather juvenile defense: “The Chinese started this. They did it first.” It would seem that a protest might be a better option — though South Korea may have used up its cash reserve in fencing.

A referee warned Yu and Wang and Jung and Kim that they might be disqualified. The Chinese went on to lose to the South Koreans. Both teams were jeered and booed by the normally respectful crowd. China has been repeatedly accused this year of such misconduct in international matches by various countries

The denial by China’s head coach Li Yongbo was met with equal anger after the match. He did not help matters by chuckling in response and saying
“This is nothing. It was just a game.”

Source: NBC

20 thoughts on “Say It Ain’t So, Yongbo: Chinese Accused Of Cheating At Badminton”

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  3. Watch the scoreboard. Everybody was laughing.

    The guys didn’t find it that entertaining. The girls were telling us what it’s about. We said okay, you win. That wasn’t good enough.

  4. i didn’t know they had olympic badminton. are we gonna bring home the gold at wiffleball?

  5. You know there’s not much difference in avarice of swimmers or some people that are just being themselves….. The word avarice fits many folks in many different setting….. I like it….

  6. Why do you think they call it BADmitten. In elite circles these players are the scourges of the earth. The American team has its own security, but the security is for the protection of the public from these wild wackos of wiffle.
    The theme song from cops was originally made about the malfeasance and plundering havoc these teams spread running thru innocent neighbor hoods of the citys they played. ….yes indeed “BADMITTEN, BADMITTEN, WHAT YOU GONNA DO, WHAT YA GONNA DO WHEN THEY COME FOR YOU.”
    The creators of the song were threatened by a Korean doubles mixed team wielding their rackets, and thus intimidated to change the song title to BAD BOYS :o)

  7. What can I say? Most Americans love Chinese people, their food and culture. I myself am an Feung Shui player. Since the coach is seen laughing China does not take competitve sports seriously. I’m reading the above comments and the people seem to find fault with the Olympics not the Chinese. See, I told you so.

  8. If I were the IOC, I would end the games now, while I could still escape with some modicum of dignity. I realise that would be a very expensive proposition at this point. However, for the sake of any future games that might be held, sometimes it’s better to just cut bait rather than to fish. There has been so much ‘scandal’ in these games, perhaps it would be better to declare them over, take whatever losses occur, and look toward solving whatever problems (and they are, evidently, LEGION) have occurred in the hope of said problems not making an ugly return in 2016.

  9. I have also stayed away from the Olympics this year. I was turned off early by Phelps’ avarice.

  10. The first thing that comes to my mind is that something is clearly wrong with the organization of the tourney if the incentive to win isn’t at the fore.

    thelawcourt stated it well above, I believe.

    Second is that they better be careful or they’ll get the whole sport booted from the Olympics. There are plenty of people who don’t think it belongs there anyway (I’m not necessarily one, but could be persuaded with this nonsense).

  11. Justice has been done – the eight players in question have been officially disqualified. We all know that this sort of match-fixing occurs in many sports – and of course only sometimes it is caught and thus causes public uproar. In this particular case, the system does not help the cause. The round-robin system sees players trying to win a medal in a practical way. They should change it to the straight knockout system which would at least allow the spectators who pay their hard-earned money at least see some class not a farce. Nonetheless, it is their faults – clearly in defiance of the oath of fairness they took on Friday!

  12. I thought boxers were the only ones to go into the tank. That’s done for $. This is done for medals. Both are dishonorable, I’ll leave it to indivuals to decide if one is more dishonorable than the other.

  13. Confucius say … “sometimes grasshoppa gotta lose to win”.

    BarkinDog 1, August 1, 2012 at 9:00 am
    The Williard is going to join the Kosher Kulcha Klub … now that he is trailing in Ohio, Pennsylvania, and Florida by 6 percent or so.

  14. Badmitten is just another play on words for The Willard. Since Mitt is not his real name why dont they just call it Bad Willard? If that idiot was in our dog pack we would not have let him go to London and show his posterior. Then he goes to Israel stirs that pot up for some votes back in Newark where they dont know East Juresalem from New Salem. So if Willard gets into office he wont get the parties to the table until 2016 and the Hilary will get back into the White House and perhaps resolve the Palestinian and Jewish Homelands questions. And why the Chinese are involved with Mitt on the issue I have not quite fathomed but if they bang him on the ear drum with one of those noodle strainers shown in the photo perhaps he will shut up.
    Bad Willard! Down boy!

  15. I’m with OS, with the exception of women’s soccer which I watch on one of the ESPN channels — in real time.

  16. This is the first Olympics where I have not watched so much as one minute of it since they first started televising them. Not even the opening ceremonies. Part of the reason is the non-stop run of stories about accusations of cheating and downright poor sportsmanship on open display. Not to mention the fact I knew coverage was going to be crappy when I saw that NBC Sports was going to be in charge of the television coverage. There has not been decent coverage of big sporting events since Roone Arledge retired.

  17. We can’t piss off China too much….. Who else would buy our debt?…… Practicality over common sense…… They have the Golden Fork so to say….

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