19 thoughts on “No Gold: London Mayor Left Dangling In Zip Line Mishap”

  1. Just watched it. Is there any silver? Controlled action. Isn’t that special.

  2. Thanks for finally talking about >No Gold: London Mayor Left Dangling In Zip Line Mishap | JONATHAN TURLEY <Liked it!

  3. bettykath – not at all your fault. Sometimes he his make a statement of fact that I want to check out & there will be a link. I make the mistake of not checking it before clicking and WHAM! I am at his blog where he again makes this statement of fact but again with no supporting documentation. That is irritating as heck. I don’t recall ever seeing a link in any of his posts that goes anywhere but his blog. There is a very unkind term for this behavior, “blog whoring”. He catches me occasionally but not recently.

  4. Frankly, I’ve been to his blog a couple of times thinking he was adding something to the discussion. I posted the objection b/c I was irritated that I was there again. My bad for not realizing I was reading Dredd’s post. Time to go berry picking.

  5. Well, I know a lot of places where they want to hang the mayor so its nice of Borris to play along!

    yeah, thats been noted previously & ignored. I particularly hate it when he inserts those links as if they were evidence for the argument he is making. I never click on a link in a dredd post because they all go to his blog.

  6. Of course one does not critcize a Gypsie, or a Romani, or a Romney, or a guy who can put you on a tightrope whatever his name or ancestory is. Yes, those Romneys came over to America in the 1690s from England. Brag about it Wilard while you are in jolly old England and in the next breath gripe about the security. Yea, Willard, include us in on all the rest. Your granpa told the story in the 1960s and it is true. You are a Gypsie.

  7. That is what happens when you mess with The Willard who is the Bain of Capitalism. Things come round. Such a thing never would have happened at the Winter Olympics in Salt Lake City. Think about the Five Wives Vodka being served in London as we speak. Or tweet. Or bark.

  8. Um, it looks like better applied math would have saved the embarrassment, something to do with the angle of the decent there at the end and like that…

    He seems to be a good sport about it, at least in public.

  9. Dredd, I’m so sorry I didn’t pay more attention to who made the post above – by you. I really don’t like be sent to your blog for unrelated stuff. This kind of thing lowers your credibility all around.

  10. I wonder why there is this need for CEOs or a few types in power to make these type of fly-in hochmut entries? How about just walking in and saying “Hello”?

  11. And, as we all know, Santa is thin skinned. He cussed out 5 elves for this screw up.

  12. Boris is a hoot. He can take the ridicule, and he can dish it out. My kind of man.

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