Angry Vermont Farmer Flattens Police Cars . . . And Makes Slow Escape

Roger Pion, 34, is a very very angry farmer. Reportedly upset over an arrest last month for resisting arrest and marijuana possession, Pion drove his tractor to the Orleans County Sheriff’s Department and ran over five marked cruisers, one unmarked police car, and their van. Even though he made a slow escape, the police could not follow because that is all of the vehicles that they have.

The officers had the air conditioner running and were unaware of the mayhem outside until a neighbor called them and informed them that their cars were being systematically crushed in a private demolition derby. He racked up $300,000 in damages.

Pion is in custody facing seven counts of felony unlawful mischief and one misdemeanor count of unlawful mischief on suspicion of damaging the cars.

The sheriff noted that “We’re going to have to get the jaws of life up here to pry the trunks open and see about the rifles and shotguns.”

Source: Daily Mail

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  1. I’m sure he’s more peeved about the resisting arrest than anything. The men who took part in the Boston tea party would have been hung if caught. Is there really much different?
    This man is standing up for his civil liberties, one of which has been taken from us for 70 years. I would never have the guts for to do something as such, I applaud him.

  2. This man is now my hero. There will be serious consequences for his actions, as there should be, but were I a millionaire, I would pay for his defense and restitution costs. Just ‘cuz.

  3. Am I the only one to wonder why ALL of the Police vehicles were in the parking lot? Aren’t they called PATROL cars? Wasn’t at least one at Dunkin Donuts?

    While Roger Pion was driving over the patrol cars, an unknown accomplice sledge-hammered all the Police toilets. Asked to comment, the Sheriff said, “We don’t have anything to go on.”

  4. I’m with Bettykath and Mespo here.

    Mespo, you make me swoon with your quotation at 3:26 pm: it might not have been the most dramatic of offenses by King Gorge but it was the one that probably drove the colonists around the bend and is (and has always been) my favorite of the Indictments. 🙂

    These folks live in a sparsely populated county with few manifestations of county government and no county taxes. They interact with the county as a pass-through for federal and state services and the police. They are primarily farmers and they don’t live large (demographically speaking). The demographic breakdown is to me reminiscent of barely sucessful ‘hill people’, only farther North. (I come from hill people, and immigrants: good peasant stock. No insult intended or implied.)

    Maybe this citizen just figured that if the county had enough resources to harass someone for smoking pot that the county just had too many resources and it was his job to fix that error. I agree. If the cops have the time and resources to harass pot smokers then the police force is too big and needs some cutting back. I’d contribute a couple of dollars to his defense/restitution fund.

    From Wikipedia:

    Population/Historical populations

    Of the four Vermont counties bordering Canada, Orleans County is the largest. That said, all four counties have the lowest population in Vermont.

    At the 2000 census[54]

    People – 26,277
    Households – 10,446
    Families – 7,155
    Population density – 15/km² (38/sq mi)
    Housing units – 14,673
    Density of housing units – 8/km² (21/sq mi)
    The racial makeup of the county

    White – 97.16%
    from two or more races – 1.37%
    Hispanic or Latino – 0.72%
    Native American – 0.65%
    Black or African American – 0.37%
    Asian – 0.30%
    Other races – 0.13%
    Pacific Islander – 0.02%
    94.5% were born in the United States. 90.58% spoke English at home, while 7.72% spoke French.[55]

    Population distributionIn the county, the population was distributed by age as follows:

    Under the (18 year spread) – 25.10%
    From 18 to 24 (7 year spread) – 7.10%
    From 25 to 44 (20 year spread) – 26.80%
    From 45 to 64 (20 year spread) – 25.90%
    65 years of age or older – 15.00%
    The median age was 39 years.

    Households and housingHouseholds – 10,446
    Children under the living in household – 32.10%
    married couples living together – 54.40%
    Female householder with no husband present – 9.60%
    Non-families – 31.50%
    Individuals – 25.20%
    Someone living alone who was 65 years of age or older – 10.90%
    Average household size – 2.45
    Average family size – 2.91
    Owned their own homes – 74.1%
    Lived in multi-unit dwellings – 14.9%
    Average value of owner occupied homes – $78,800.
    In 2004, Orleans County had the least expensive rental housing in Vermont.[60] In 2008, one-third of residential housing were used as second homes.[61]

    [edit] Personal income[edit] IncomesFamily = $36,630
    Household = $31,084
    Males = $27,964
    Females = $20,779
    Per capita income = $16,518.

  5. Damn. I used to work for CNH Global. Apparently they make good agricultural equipment.

    I knew a guy when I was in high school and the Oregon State Police tried to take his front end loader. He went in there with his 30-06 and said no you’re not. He had to negotiate.

  6. if he owned a john deere he might have gotten away. nothing runs like a deere.

    and what mespo said

  7. This is hilarious. I don’t care if you agree with what happened or not, its really funny. My favorite part is the fact that they couldn’t go after him. People of Newport, speed on!

  8. We ALL have a dark side..ALL OF US. That’s how I and Darren made our living.

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