Meet Brenda White: Ex-Husband Hunter

This happy woman just completed what Salt Lake police describe as a virtual husband hunt with her SUV. As shown in the video below, Brenda Christine White, 36, chased her husband with Ford Explorer as he ran from her — pursuing him into an office building and driving down a hallway.

Her attorney Jason Schatz admits that White was the driver, but insists that “What’s in dispute is why this happened.” That might not matter. What is clear is that this couple has irreconcilable differences as represented by the SUV between them.

Schatz insists that White was under emotional distress and taking medication at the time of the attack in 2006. Her ex-husband, Jon Robert White first spotted her and ran from a parking garage to escape. He ran between two parked cars to avoid her and jumped over a concrete wall. He then ran into an office — thinking it would be safe. It wasn’t. Brenda simply ran the SUV into the building and hit him after plowing through the glass entrance. He then got up and says that she drove down a hallway and chased him, hitting him again. He then hid in a closest until a maintenance man found him.

The emotional distress claim is already having problems in court as Brenda faces prosecution for attempted murder and criminal mischief. Schatz says that his client suffers from panic attacks and notes that “At some point in our lives we have all done or said something that we wouldn’t have done if we were in total control of our body.” I respect his effort to work up the best defense possible, but jurors may not identify with a loss of “total control of our body” that results in driving an SUV through a building in pursuit of an ex-husband. It is the type of thing the produces panic rather than being produced by it.

Source: Salt Lake Tribune

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  1. I think I posted earlier that there was this couple in Dallas about a decade ago. Both dentists. The guy dentist was having an affair with his secretary. Lady dentist (wife) caught them coming out of a hotel. Guy dentist gets run over several times in the parking lot with a Denali SUV. Lady dentist jumps out of the SUV, grabs guy dentist and says, honey are you okay? Guy dentist was dead.

  2. concerned,

    “She was/is a greedy, vindictive, shrill, histrionic woman. No surprise there.”
    maybe. or maybe he’s a lying, two-timing, skinflint of an sob and she caught him again.

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