Kansas City Man Charged With The Beating Of 93-Year-Old Husband And The Rape Of His 84-Year-Old Wife

Tony L. Putman, 18, may be unparalleled in his cruelty if the account by police is accurate. Kansas City police say that Putman confessed in the beating of a 93-year-old man and the rape of his 84-year-old wife.

The husband came home to discover Putman allegedly ransacking the house. Police say Putman savagely beat the 93-year-old and then bound him by with belts. The wife then came home from the bank and went upstairs after hearing her husband’s moaning. Putman then allegedly stole $400 that she got from the bank and proceeded to rape the 84-year-old woman.

Police received a description of the vehicle and later pulled over at least three other people with Putman. They say that Putman immediately confessed that he was the only one responsible for the crimes.

That does not leave much for defense counsel after Putman was given Miranda before his statement. Even without that statement, police say that Putnam cut his hand at the scene and that they have DNA evidence.

Source: WSMV

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  2. When you have a carload of perps you find the easiest one to “flip.” With many it’s easier than “flipping” pancakes on a well seasoned griddle. This is an important part of law enforcement but can lead to laziness. “Flipping” a perp is often key, but should not be the end of the investigation, just the beginning.

  3. It is a shame that this would spark such a debate. This man did wrong and he should pay for his crime. To do what he did to a elderly couple should be unforgiveble! However, it is easy to forgive but not so to forget! Also, there have been many that have had a hard childhood but they have lifted themself up and over came thier missfortune and be became proud up standing people! A bad childhood is not a good reaso to committ a crime!

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