15 thoughts on “The Proposal”

  1. Swarthmore,
    That is a beautiful part of the island. You will have fun without the Guiness, but on’t miss the pub food!

  2. I hope this beautiful photograph forever puts an end to the tastelessly awful football/ baseball/ basketball game proposal.

  3. rafflaw, No Guiness for me….. I took the pledge. lol, but I am visiting the family pub in Dingle, County Kerry.

  4. Swarthmore,
    Have a grand time in Ireland. My wife and I were there in 2003 and it is beautiful. Have a Guinness on me!

  5. Blouise, Hopefully, that will happen, but i am going to be in some remote coastal places much of the time so I don’t know how the picture transmitting is going to work for sure.

  6. How lovely is this and so nice to see something beautiful like a proposal without the attendent, almost obligatory it seems, flash mob.

  7. Photo makes me miss Austin. It is so much prettier than DFW in every sense. Will visit there in September after I get back from Ireland.

  8. One picture is worth more than a thousand words.

    I’m glad Mr. Bush was pleased.

  9. I saw a story recently where a photographer had caught a nighttime marriage proposal on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial. The photographer sent the photo into the ether in an attempt to reach and identify the couple ostensibly to give them a copy of the recording of their personal and, they thought, private moment. After a few days the couple was identified, the photog contacted them and was promptly told to leave them alone.

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