Palin: Biden Drags Down The Ticket And Should Be Dumped

For those who feel that this campaign still lacks sufficient irony and breathtaking hubris, Sarah Palin came to the rescue yesterday. After Biden’s “back in chains” attack on Romney, Palin came forth to offer her sage advice. Palin explained that Joe Biden may be simply too controversial and unpredictable as a Vice Presidential candidate and should be dumped. That’s right, Sarah Palin said that without a hint of humor or self-conscious unease. It is at uncomfortably moments like this that Sheldon Cooper says “Bazinga.”

Palin explained that Biden “really drags down that ticket” and just has to be replaced. She explained
“the strategists there in the Obama campaign have got to look at a diplomatic way of replacing Joe Biden on the ticket with Hillary. And I don’t want to throw out that suggestion and have them actually accept the suggestion because then an Obama-Hillary Clinton ticket would have a darn good chance of winning.” It appears that Palin avoids throwing out such suggestions but just sharing it with a few choice friends on national television.

Just for the record, studies have found that Palin had the most negative impact on a presidential ticket of any modern campaign and cost McCain at least 1.6 percent of the vote. However, that did not make a difference in the election. What she did not do is produce a positive gain to the ticket, which McCain dearly needed. Moreover, many questioned McCain’s judgment in the selection — an impact that can be subtle and hard to measure.

For his part, I doubt Biden will add votes to the ticket but he is not likely to cost votes.

Source: Fox

49 thoughts on “Palin: Biden Drags Down The Ticket And Should Be Dumped”

  1. It is disappointing when a person cannot defend his position and deflects response. Makes it seem to lack foundation.

  2. Ask the guy who said he would die for Sarah Palin, but he wouldn’t lie for her. I wouldn’t do either.

  3. I’m not political at all, but Biden deserves respect. Sarah Palin is an obnoxious, sanctimonious Bit*ch.

    Sarah Palin is a useless wanna be Governor from Alaska. She’s garbage.

    1. Please explain further. Your comments seem unnecessarily mean spirited. What impresses you about Mr. Biden?

  4. lotta, “the politics of the race dictated a huge job for her and she is an asset, she’s good at it.”

    I have to agree. I don’t like a lot of what she does, but any SoS would do the same and probably not as well. What’s surprising is that an extreme conservative, with whom I frequently, no, usually, uh, no, always, disagree, thinks she is doing a great job.

  5. I am confused…how has Mr. Biden been a plus for President Obama? Are you paying attention or just obsessed with making sure Palin remains damaged merchandise? A segment of the population identify with her, just like a segment of the population identify with the “chains” reference of Biden.

  6. Why do some anti intellectuals define really good concepts as ostentiously learned or unimaginative? I recall another blog site whose writer ludicrously argued against evolution. Her tangential premises were obsessive even if occasonally briliantly argued and would make sense only to those with a History of Thoughtless Theocrats Foundation 3rd grade education .
    A condom of steel ? After everything we have meant to each other ?(sob into hanky ) .

  7. Jane, Clinton won’t be the VP for the same reason she isn’t now the VP: Bill. A ‘new’ President does not want the former, but still greatly popular, President that close to the White House. If Obama did what he said he would do, make his VP a partner, then he would have an x-prez talking over the upcoming days business with his wife, the VP. People would sit around speculating how much influence the x-prez had over the current prez. Obama didn’t want to become, or even have the aspeculatuon, that he (Obama) was Clinton’s third term. If he could have gotten away with keeping Ms. Clinton farther from the seat of power he would have, but the politics of the race dictated a huge job for her and she is an asset, she’s good at it.

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