Palin: Biden Drags Down The Ticket And Should Be Dumped

For those who feel that this campaign still lacks sufficient irony and breathtaking hubris, Sarah Palin came to the rescue yesterday. After Biden’s “back in chains” attack on Romney, Palin came forth to offer her sage advice. Palin explained that Joe Biden may be simply too controversial and unpredictable as a Vice Presidential candidate and should be dumped. That’s right, Sarah Palin said that without a hint of humor or self-conscious unease. It is at uncomfortably moments like this that Sheldon Cooper says “Bazinga.”

Palin explained that Biden “really drags down that ticket” and just has to be replaced. She explained
“the strategists there in the Obama campaign have got to look at a diplomatic way of replacing Joe Biden on the ticket with Hillary. And I don’t want to throw out that suggestion and have them actually accept the suggestion because then an Obama-Hillary Clinton ticket would have a darn good chance of winning.” It appears that Palin avoids throwing out such suggestions but just sharing it with a few choice friends on national television.

Just for the record, studies have found that Palin had the most negative impact on a presidential ticket of any modern campaign and cost McCain at least 1.6 percent of the vote. However, that did not make a difference in the election. What she did not do is produce a positive gain to the ticket, which McCain dearly needed. Moreover, many questioned McCain’s judgment in the selection — an impact that can be subtle and hard to measure.

For his part, I doubt Biden will add votes to the ticket but he is not likely to cost votes.

Source: Fox

49 thoughts on “Palin: Biden Drags Down The Ticket And Should Be Dumped”

  1. All you Democrats hopefully should see that this Hillary talk is just divisive, cheap, horses$&t being thrown out there by Republicans. Palin is an idiot. Why does everyone obsess w/ her?? Again, when you are not tied to a party you see stuff much more clearly.

  2. personally, I think the only reason McCain did not lose by more is because he put Palin on the ticket.

    the hoi polloi love her, the hoi oligoi despise her for that very reason.

  3. Could have been a heartbeat away from the Presidency:FYI

    “Polls? Nah… they’re for strippers and cross country skiers.
    Sarah Palin”

  4. I am sure she is here to help the opposition…… I suppose hilter had some redeemable qualities…..

  5. Darren, why do you think that? Certainly their relationship in her current role has been exceptionally well handled. I believe Obama probably chose Biden over Clinton because he wanted someone with experience and connections inside the Senate. I have seen no signs of friction between State & the WH & heard no hits of it from the slobbering fools that pass for pundits in DC. If there were even a hint of a wisp of the thought that there were problems those clowns would have portrayed it as a death match in an instant.

    Whats the joy in assuming problems between the two? Its not like they are the first pair to compete for the POTUS and have the 2nd place finisher end up working for the winner.

  6. And humans complain about complainers and employ the name for a female dog to describe a complainer. Why not call a complainer a Palin?

  7. That itchnbay has a lot of nerve coming out of the woodwork and telling dogs how to vote.

  8. Z

    The neo-cons can make theatre-of-the-absurd statements and outright lies safe in the knowledge that no neo-con media will question what they say. They can easily ignore “the other side”. They just don’t go near it.

    John Stewart tangled with this Palin insanity on this wednesday eve.
    Thank goodness for Stewart.
    Theater of the Absurd is a perfect description.

  9. Personally I think Hillary Clinton would have been a better president than President Obama is, But I cannot see them having positive working relationship if she was chosen to be his running mate.

    This does speak of hubris on Sarah Palin’s behalf. Sometimes people should just retire from politics.

  10. For the media in the failed-empire that is the USofA, controversy itself IS the product.

    The neo-cons can make theatre-of-the-absurd statements and outright lies safe in the knowledge that no neo-con media will question what they say. They can easily ignore “the other side”. They just don’t go near it.

    It’s a self-reinforcing Bubble of cartoonish proportion, but it’s more like The Blob, eating people whole.

  11. The Pot calling the Kettle black comes to mind. Palin is one of the least intelligent VP Candidates or VP’s since Quayle.

  12. Bwaaaaahaaaaaa.

    I’m sure John McCain has some thoughts on the issue, assuming he isn’t so apoplectic that he is speechless.

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