Lesbian In Nebraska Charged With Allegedly Faking Anti-Homosexual Attack

It could be the homosexual version of the Tawana Brawley case. In Lincoln, Nebraska, former University of Nebraska women’s basketball star Charlie Rogers crawled to a neighbor’s house covered in blood with anti-gay slurs of “dyke” and “c*nt” curved into her skin. Her case became a rallying point for the community which is debating a “fairness ordinance” to protect gays and lesbians from discrimination. However police now say that she faked the attack.

Rogers, 33, told the police that three masked men broke into her home and proceeded to torture her by cutting a cross into her chest, cutting the front and back of her thighs and buttocks, and carving anti-gay slurs on her arms and abdomen. They then tried to burn down the house and left.

However, evidence began to pile up that contradicted or implicated Rogers. First, the attack occurred on July 22nd. However, on July 18th, Rogers stated on a Facebook posting that “So maybe I am too idealistic, but I believe way deep inside me that we can make things better for everyone. I will be a catalyst. I will do what it takes. I will. Watch me.”

Second, she sent a photo of a cross-shaped cut on her chest to a friend — allegedly days before the reported attack. She later reportedly deleted messages that she sent from the day of the attack.

Third, she claimed the gloves found at the scene were not hers but her DNA was found inside and none of the DNA inside the glove was from a man.

Fourth, police found that she had purchased a box cutter, gloves, and zip ties from an Ace Hardware store days before the reported attack (she later admitted to the purchases except the gloves).

Finally, there was no evidence of a struggle or even blood on the sheets where she said the attack occurred.

She is now facing a false police report charge. The ordinance passed unanimously but conservative groups have been petitioning to have it rescinded.

Rogers is something of a legend as a female basketball star from the University of Nebraska, which still posts her stats and picture. That distinguished record may soon be eclipsed by a less inspiring record of a different kind if she is convicted in the case. Police say that they spent thousands on the investigation and gay rights groups have commended the police on conducting a professional and unbiased investigation into the case.

Source: CBS

26 thoughts on “Lesbian In Nebraska Charged With Allegedly Faking Anti-Homosexual Attack

  1. Really? Really! Really . . . sad that you thought fabricating misdeeds against the homosexual community would help in any way when there are plenty of legitimate cases of discriminatory bigoted crimes to use as examples and catalysts for change. In your zeal to do something good, you let your ego, and make no mistake your motivation was you, get in the way of the promotion of equity. Sorry, Charlie! Being a catalyst for change doesn’t require you being the center of attention. The adage that the road to Hell is paved with good intentions doesn’t need any more examples.

  2. Maybe she was counting on the Lincoln police being as competent as the Sanford, Florida police. If that were the case, she might have gotten away with it.

  3. Fortunately for all she did not give, from what I read, any evidence that would lead to another person being mistakenly arrested. That would have been much more serious.

    What she did is clearly wrong yet a part of me feels sorry for her.

  4. Give this less attention is my best advice. This is attention-getting behavior. It occurs to me that her being a lesbian is a minor part of the picture, almost irrelevant.

  5. Malisha, How could tou call it irrelevant when the “victim” made it the reason she was attacked? Deal w/ the reality, not your world view. Geez!

  6. Nick, Malisha shows empathy (she certainly does not need my defending of course). In the context of what she did it looks like attention getting, her excuse (explanation) of the gay community issue is just a reason for the behavior. I want chocolate so i go to a store and steal it and say the cashier beat me up. The chocolate becomes a negligible part of the story.

  7. Ah Nick, people have suggested you do not really read what others wrote but put your spin on it. I never mentioned ice cream.

  8. Mea culpa. What’s my fine? I just like chocolate ice cream and projected that. I see far worse projections by some of the characters here. I hope my faux pas didn’t offend you or cause you any emotional distress. I am @ your mercy. Can we end this right here, please?

  9. Leejcaroll, thanks, you got me right.
    Nick, here’s what I mean by what I said:

    SHe is a gay woman who appears to me to be terribly troubled in a way that has nothing to do with her sexual preference. Plenty of straight women are terribly troubled in a way that has nothing to do with their heterosexuality! If we were to concentrate on their sexual preference when we learn about them having done something illegal to draw attention to themselves — even if they used their sexuality as an excuse for the attention-getting illegal behavior — we would be missing the whole point by a mile. This woman is Lesbian, OK? And from the look of what she is alleged to have done, she is doing a big “poor me, look at poor me, help poor me, love poor me,” based on her real sexual preference and the realities of the society around her, BUT she is lying about what has actually taken place, and she is lying NOT because she is a Lesbian but because she is a liar, and probably, because she is mentally disturbed.

    I would bet that the best response is punishment for her wrongdoing (It IS wrong to do what she is alleged to have done) coupled with mental health services as needed AND LESS ATTENTION. DO NOT TEACH HER THAT BAD BEHAVIOR WILL GET HER MORE AND MORE ATTENTION!!

  10. Nick, no problem with anything you have said; I’m just continuing a discussion. Also, no need for my having said this but I do so to keep myself free of inferences I haven’t implied. :-)

  11. Malisha, I mostly agree w/ what you said. Our differences are minor. But Mr. Turley’s Tawana Brawley analogy is tough to argue w/ IMO.

  12. I lived in NYC when Tawana Brawley happened although there are similarities, that was cop against civilian, white against black, it tore apart a city. Although the grand jury opined it was all fabricated there are many who still believe it was a legitimate complaint. This case is proven fabricated, in Brawley’s case as per the public it remained (and maybe remains) questionable as to whom lied.

  13. Nick, LeeJ, I wasn’t interested in the Tawana Brawley analogy at all, I was interested in the interest in the case. (Not having followed the Brawley case, I can’t comment on either that case or the analogy and don’t care about the analogy, although I do think that if Tawana Brawley made false allegations for the same kind of nutty reasons, she would have needed the same kind of mental health assistance and also should have been ignored a lot more.) In my opinion, these kinds of “poor me look what they did to me” cases are dangerous for the following reasons:

    1. They take attention away from the real issues, which really need attention;

    2. They make TRUE things appear possibly false;

    3. They make crazies appear successful (because they ARE successful at creating chaos) so that other crazies glom onto their psychodrivel and become copycat psychos.

    That’s my whole take on the situation. I would like to see it vanish from memory faster than it usually does.

    There is a phrase used by religious Jews after pronouncing the word “Hitler”: it says “may his name be erased from memory.” Although I think it would be a net negative in the case of Hitler, I see and appreciate what it means. May someone who has added only hate, and no useful things, to the world, be forgotten; that should be their legacy.

    Tawana Brawley, on the other hand, and this particular Lesbian, whoever she is, might possibly still have something positive to add to our world. If a person who has done something grossly wrong can be turned around and add something very beneficial, that’s worth something, and I hope it may happen. OK, I have to go now, take my cynicism pill, it’s almost two o’clock.

  14. leej, Tawana Brawley was a liar. It may not fit your idealogy, but “that’s the fact,,Jack!” If we need to accept that OJ was not guilty by a jury decision, then we need to accept the Tawana Brawley grand jury verdict. Either we have a govt. of laws, or men. Our Constitution says the former.

  15. Nick,

    I am surprised that you did not say that her problem was that she just didn’t know how to handle her licker…..

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