Tort In The End Zone: Woman Sues Dallas Cowboys Over Burned Buttocks

Jennelle Carrillo is suing the Dallas Cowboys and its owner Jerry Jones for toasting her bottom before a Blue & Silver scrimmage at the Cowboys stadium. Carrillo says that she sat on a black marble bench outside the stadium on a hot 101 degree day. The result, she says, was sever burns on her buttocks.

Carillo says that she had to be hospitalized and undergo skin grafts. Her lawsuit claims negligence in the lack of warnings about sitting on the benches in hot weather.

The complaint alleges that “The bench was uncovered and openly exposed to the extremely hot August sun. The combination of the nature of the black, marble bench and hot sunlight caused the bench to become extremely hot and unreasonable dangerous.”

The question is whether the football team had to warn an adult about the danger of hot surfaces in Texas during the summer. I do find it interesting that the Cowboys would select black marble as a material for a bench in Texas instead of a color or a material less likely to absorb heat. However, many materials are likely to become extremely hot in direct sunlight in Texas, including the concrete sidewalks. The court is likely to view this was falling into the “act of God” category and an injury from everyday living.

The lawsuit claims recovery for mental anguish, physical pain and disfigurement.

Here is the lawsuit: plaintiffs-original-petition-carrillo

Source: ESPN

37 thoughts on “Tort In The End Zone: Woman Sues Dallas Cowboys Over Burned Buttocks”

  1. Patric, I can always abide righteous quixotic thoughts. But, I also appreciate it when someone gently steers me back to it were.

  2. I invite commenters to read the complaint.

    It gives the address for the law firm representing the dumb-@$$, er I mean lady. A quick check of google street view reveals the building where the law firm is located also has dark metal benches outside the building, with no warning signs in sight. And this is in Austin.

    Hypocrisy anyone?

  3. Why would the football owner have the knowlege the bench seats were so hot, that he should have known to put up warning signs? Could it be that the 100,000 or so other fans never had this problem either?

    She would then argue that they should have known based upon the nature of black marble, but if it wasn’t obvious to her just before she sat down, why should it be obvious to the team owners?

  4. Third degree burns and skin grafts. I can see her have some responsibility, but I question the decision to use black marble benches in Arlington.

  5. Let’s see, hot burning sun, bench not covered by shade (apparently) not hot enough when she sat for her to decide it was too hot for seating, I guess my question was how did it get so hot under her when she was covering up that specific area from the sun. Dumb A** would about cover it.

  6. Patric, As long as politicians write the laws there will NEVER be felony stupid laws. It would mean they would be arrested as soon as the law was enacted.

  7. I guarantee you her ambulance chaser has pictures of her “burned buttocks”[Forrest Gump voice].

  8. This incident, as prior folks have stated is just stupid and unworthy of litigation, unfortunatey is not even in the top tier of frivolous lawsuits. I’ve worked on more egregious. However, she has a tough venue.

  9. Black marble is beautiful, but not as a bench in TX. If it was as hot as a stove and her “sit” was momentary and she received 3rd degree burns, I think she should prevail. The bench was an invitation to sit. True, she should have used more caution, but you don’t put a hot stove looking like a bench in a public area.

  10. At least this should be good for the lawyers and other men in court. I cannot wait to see her show her butt. THAT would be worth the price of the suit I would think. She must be a really dumb blonde.

    I could see a suit if she were not from Texas, but if she is from this state, then the xase should be thrown out of court, but not before showing the evidence.

  11. She must have had helicopter parents who shielded her from making her own decisions. I knew to check a metal slide for heat when I was three.

  12. How utterly pride-less must one be, to blame somebody else after sitting on a black rock in the sun?

    ‘Felony Stupid’ is not yet a recognized crime. But I am willing to bet that someday it will be.

  13. Dumb ass. In my flock, we would make her say several Hail Larry’s and let her off the hook for her blasphemy. After all, showing a red rear in Cowboy Stadium is a felony until the State starts voting blue. Now y’all will be calling us all dumb red asses down here. I already said a prayer for her.

  14. Jerry, the chief cowboy, is close to the ideology that believes one who is “legitimately burned” will not suffer harm.

  15. HEck, she was in close proximity to professional athletes – burns may be one of the least offensive things that could have happened to her bottom.

    Can we further assume that she is from an area where it never gets warm? That she has no clue that black absorbs more heat from sunlight than lighter colors?

  16. What really burns my ass?

    A flame about three feet high.

    Oh, and people not exercising common sense and then suing someone else for their stupidity.

    Even if the defendant is the Cowboys.

  17. How long did she sit there before receiving her sever burns?…. Apparently her brains are located in the same area…..

  18. Reminds me of a ZZ Top song….. Then there’s the new Killer Bees….. I like my girl with a short, short dress on……… With a long coat……words to the wise……

    Just a thought…..isn’t this afternoon nuisance suit….. But then again…. Being forced to watch jerry Jones and the cowboys is a nuisance as well…..

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