Akin’s Proof

-Submitted by David Drumm (Nal), Guest Blogger

Rep. Todd Akin, Republican senatorial candidate from Missouri: “If it’s a legitimate rape, the female body has ways to shut that whole thing down.” Now you can buy a bottle to collect these vital toxins.

“Unless you’ve been in a soundproof booth for the past three days (lucky you), you’ve probably heard a lot about this mysterious chemical that women can produce on demand to prevent them from becoming pregnant. For centuries, women have, according to anti-choicers, been able to ward off becoming impregnated by their rapists by emitting this substance during their rape. Despite being a miracle of science and biology, we’ve never known its name.”

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  1. “Hello Todd!” Gilda Radner 25 years ago. We do not have Catholic or Baptist or any kind of religious dogs in our dog pack. So our views are not formed by religion or human dogma. A guy named Todd went to a divinity school and he is one of those guys who if he was in Egypt would be accused of sponsoring Sharia law. Here in the U.S.of A. it is just the RepubliCon Platform Men own womens’ bodies. Us dogs look down on jerks like Todd and Willard because altho we might prescribe to free love, we dont own other creatures bodies. How any human female could vote for the Willard is beyond comprehension. A hooker just sells by the minute or perhaps the hour, these RepubliCon women have sold out for the whole lifetimes.

  2. Justagurl, it reminds me of the guy in fifth grade whom people both feared and mocked (when he wasn’t around). He was dumb, he was obnoxious, he was unlikely to get in real trouble because he could look dumb/innocent when the sh*t hit the fan, and he was a trouble-maker and a bully. But because he was so dumb, most of the kids didn’t imagine that he would really pull something so bad that they’d have to deal with him, so they mostly left him alone.

    When you get a few hundred of them in office and give them serious big guns, though, the problem is much bigger and you can have a failed state — regardless of how big the state is — as a result.

    OMG that’s where we are right now, wow. Bogue!

  3. Humpin’

    They taught us that coitus interruptus, was a good way to become a parent. Now drying humping is OK, depending where you leave it. You have to careful with handjobs, because the contaminate hand becomes a vector for sperm transport.

    Remember, every little spern is precious, every little sperm can do it, thus every little sperm is suspected.

    I mention this for the guys, as you all slept or daydreamed about “other” things in sex ed class.

  4. If I were a voter in Mizzura I would vote for Todd. Men and male dogs in particular get the blame for all sorts of pregnancies they are not responsible for. A little hump now and then without a squirt can be quite harmless.

  5. Folks,

    Just realize that the Republicans are good soldiers.
    Or good donkeys.
    They always say what the leadership says to say. We dems are ornery independent types. No discipline at all. Just folks.

  6. The ‘Right to Life’ movement has always held these views. Glad Akin brought them out into the national discourse so all can see!

  7. Whats sad is the Congressman Akin’s view is not unique to him, there are literally hundreds of examples of Republican politicians saying the exact same thing. The GOP has become the party of ignorance. They are proud to deny science on many topics from evolution to climate change to economics they insist that fair tale replace evidence and heretics to their orthodoxy have no place in their party. The nation, and really the whole world now because they also deny reality in foreign policy too, are poorer for the GOP slipping the bonds of reason.

    Given the current situation they have probably made the US a third world country for the foreseeable future and may well have doomed human life across the planet by demanding the science be ignored and replaced with wishful thinking.

  8. AY: “I am amazed that they are even able to function in the year 2012…… The darker ages are not of too distant of a past”

    Or too distant in the future

  9. Justagirlinseattle they miss these classes because Governors like Jindel are giving vouchers (taxpayer state monry) to schools that are anti science, and anti reality

  10. A Seuss Channel;

    You can get pregnant in a car.
    You can get pregnant in a bar.
    You can get pregnant on a hill.
    You can get pregnant on the pill.
    You can get pregnant near or far,
    it doesn’t matter who you are.
    You can get pregnant in a house.
    You can get pregnant by a louse.
    You can get pregnant here or there.
    You can get pregnant anywhere.
    In a plane or on a train, in a box or with a fox.
    Standing up or sitting down,
    it matters not when sperm’s around.
    You can get pregnant if you’re raped,
    science truths you can’t escape.
    I do not like the awful lies
    that hurt the ones whom it implies
    can control their conception through
    “legitimate rape” sperm detection.
    You should not lead our sacred land,
    if anti-science is your plan.
    I do not like what you are sayin’,
    I do not like it, Mr. Akin.
    ~Christy Caine

  11. Here is a reprise of the post I made last night for those who missed it. The Renegade Raging Grannies have a message for Mr. Akin.

  12. Akin is not simply justifying anti-choice; he is justifying rape. Whereas speaking about the “magic vagina” is funny enough, what I am really hearing is, “Men are allowed to rape because any REALLY virtuous vagina would make it moot and by definition, any really non-virtuous vagina cannot be raped.”

  13. Anonymously Yours…
    You are so NOT kidding….

    Fact is… Europeans find them just outright funny….
    It is shocking to people in Sweden that Abortion is still an issue, as well as gay marriage, climate change, death penalty, taxes, health care, and last but FUNNIEST of all, EVOLUTION…..

    It totally boggles my mind that these people think this way….
    they must have missed a WHOLE lot of science and health classes…
    not to mention a few history classes….

    I really do fear for the future of the USA…..




    aka/ just a gurl

  14. Congressman Akins’ theory was certainly tested during the antibellum period when slave women were often raped by their masters. FAIL.

  15. I am amazed that they are even able to function in the year 2012…… The darker ages are not of too distant of a past….

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