Humans Did This To Me

I am waiting for the news story that after a Christmas dinner, the owner disappeared in a gas explosion due to a stove being turned on during the night . . . only a cat was found alive outside wearing Christmas bells.

I suppose these people had no luck finding a hairy elf.

12 thoughts on “Humans Did This To Me

  1. Eric, it’s the eyelids that give it away! Those eyelids look like some stuff is getting ready to fly! the ears are probably getting ready to flatten too!

  2. The cat does not appear upset to me , that expression looks much more like “Really ? Again? Can I go now?”

  3. Treating pets as surrogate children is fine and healthy.

    However, only dogs seem to like funny hats, that they can paw off and destroy.

    The kis, all in their back-to-school finest new garb were beautiful this week. We are beginning to become oriental parents here in Sweden.

    The cat? Oh, she is the one who will turn on the gas and then flee. Don’t ever insult a cat!

  4. What a SWEETY in the precious garb! Some of my cats would let me do that to them, and others I would TOTALLY draw back a nub!

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