44 thoughts on “Jon Stewart On Clint’s RNC Speech”

  1. Nick S — you might think so, but not really, because unlike politicians, I will really deal with the sh*t…

  2. SM,

    From Dowd’s column: ” in shades from eggshell to ecru”

    Guess this is the new description of “white folks”. I think I heard it first on Colbert as he described his audience. Maybe Stewart’s description. Anyway, it wasn’t a Dowd original.

    The rest of her article – the masquerade party – yes.

  3. If facts, truth, honesty, any of those things, were important to the GOP the convention would have only been 30 minutes long. Sadly one party has unmoored from reality and has nothing left but lies. Too bad the fourth estate is incapable of calling them out on this,

  4. Nick, all that I wrote on my last comment — I made it all up. No vet, no biologist, no canine anthropologist has ever approved my theory and to my knowledge, there’s no good way to test it, either.

    Anyway, that’s all I have for now. :mrgreen:

  5. bettykath,

    “I suspect the RNC didn’t have anyone looking over his speech ahead of time for accuracy. But, then, maybe they did and they didn’t care.”

    The same could be said for Paul Ryan’s speech.

  6. Malisha, Quite interesting, thanks. id, I got a whole yard of dog feces. I was going to go pick it up however, come on over for dinner!

  7. I suspect the RNC didn’t have anyone looking over his speech ahead of time for accuracy. But, then, maybe they did and they didn’t care.

    Never mind. If accuracy, if facts, were a criteria, most of the speeches would have been rewritten or not given.

  8. Nick,

    “It’s always unfair to apply our current norms to previous eras.”

    One hundred percent with you. Pointing backwards is useful for many things. One of the least mentioned principles is that when confronted with something you don’t have an answer for, then some will create the most outlandish ideas with no scientific support at all.

    And not pointing a finger at anybody, but MDs were once a good example of that,

    And now the Repugs don’t give a dingle-dangle what “back to the ol’ time religion” lies they give the drummels (english?), they will shout like they are at a tent meeting and leave saved again.
    You know the Koran forbids all, ALL, sorts of intoxication, even with lies or poetry or with Allah himself.

    Not saying religion is wrong,but it preconditions folks to going home to Jesus when the times get tough and the way is not clear. So, the Repugs promise return home to mom’s apple pie, after 8 years of George number 2 (not mentioned now) has proven that their whole idea is full of holes and make only for new depressions.

    Stupidity, democracy’s devolution is thy haven.

    http://mittlies.com/ For one view.

  9. Malisha,

    I’m gonna start eatin’ dogfeces tomorrow.

    The June issue of Scientific American has a cover article on our internal ecosystem. This article features the “necessary” bacteria in the large intestine and Helicobacter Pylori in the stomach which is essential to regulating acid and guerin, a hunger stimulus.

    So sharing the sh*t means sharing the defenses, which
    I gather was your meaning.

    Again, strengthened by the article, I wiil return to my original position that it is the saliva contents (which? bacteria. enzymes, lysic agents) which does the healing. Any dentist will tell you that your own saliva is anti-bacterial. And any good ol’ boy from NC will tell you that he always let his dog lick his scrubbed knees.

    However that may be, thanks for bringing it up.
    We need to be more respectful to our feces. Smile.

  10. Nick, in defense of dogs who eat their own feces, I have to say that it is part of the evolution of good doctors for the pack. The Dog God is not just a great palindrome, but he’s got some GOOD SH1T in his religion.

    Here’s why.

    You’ve probably heard tales of dogs licking not only THEIR wounds but the wounds, including suppurating wounds, of their human companions when they’re in a pinch and there’s injury and danger and like that. A dog’s saliva AND the acct of licking the wound can actually disinfect and clean the injury and help the wounded human heal.

    I looked at this phenomenon, backwards, using what I know (anecdotally) about dogs and their inter-dog and inter-human behaviors.

    The pack used to hunt together, because they’d bring down game larger than any one or even two of them. The alpha of the pack was not necessarily the leader of the hunt, either; whoever was the best hunter would lead the hunt, or whoever, that day, seemed best suited for the job. They were hunting down animals with sharp hooves and strong, big legs, in many cases. Perhaps in half their hunts, some dog would sustain an injury. Again, whoever’s best at treating injury becomes the dog to do that job. So there is a natural selection of “doctor dogs” to lick the wounds of the hurt hunter. If the hunters recover, the pack is stronger.

    No vet will nowadays venture a guess as to why dogs eat sh*t. But I have a guess. Over many many generations, those dogs with the strongest immune systems would become the best doctor dogs. Those best doctor dogs would be part of the best and strongest packs, who would, obviously, be the most efficient hunters, so the best-fed groups. More food, more puppies. So if all dogs eat sh*t, and only some of the dogs get sick and die from the bacteria they ingest, the other dogs, who survive in spite of ingesting the feces of ALL the dogs in their pack (at one time or another) develop immune systems capable of defeating the bio-organisms dwelling in and affecting ALL members of their pack, and these become the best doctor-dogs, and they simultaneously become the dogs whose packs have the most puppies.

    So the best sh*t-eaters become the best doctors and are members of the best packs and have the most kids. Not bad.

    Just sayin…

  11. Well, id, itchinbay has come off his “Clint is responsible” to many actors are responsible which is all I was pointing out. Going back to the 50’s/60’s, I collect old Sport Magazines from the era. Ads from Ted Williams to Mickey Mantle hawking Pall Mall and Camels are ubiquitous. It’s always unfair to apply our current norms to previous eras. We are all hopefully evolving. It’s when we see devolution that should cause outrage. I believe critically important qualities like honesty and honor have devolved over the last several decades. That’s worth a rant.

  12. Nick,

    Don’t be fooled by itchin’Bay. He/it has a fixed strategy. He runs very occasionally a well-reasoned comment to raise your admiration. Then he does one good comic routine.

    And suddenly comes masses of outrageous stuff, completely provocative. Begging for dissent and attack.

    Is it trolling, advanced level?
    Or is it a bad imitation of Matt Johnson?

    Speaking of Matt. Where is he? Is one the puppet of
    the other? Figure that one out.

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