“Season Ticket on a One-Way Ride”: New Hampshire Woman Arrested Four Times In 36 Hours

Joyce Coffey really really likes AC/DC and Guns N’ Roses (I am assuming “Ought Ta Get Me” was playing at some point in this revolving door with police). Coffey was arrested four times in 36 hours — three times for playing “Highway To Hell” and other songs too loudly. Coffey would no sooner make bail then she would be back blasting the music and eventually succeeded in finding that “season ticket on a one-way ride” – police on the fourth arrest held her for psychiatric evaluation.

The fourth arrest was for allegedly throwing a frying pan at her nephew, who was trying to remove his things from her house.

The series of arrests began on Tuesday at 3 p.m. when they warned her to turn down the music. When she had not done so an hour later, she went to jail and was released on $500 personal recognizance. Five hours later, she was again blasting Guns N’ Roses and AC/DC. She was arrested at 9 pm and released on $1000 bail. Then four hours later, she was at it again and arrested at 1:10 am. After paying $10,000 bail, she again returned home. (She clearly is not hurting for cash). Finally, arrested a fourth time when the nephew reported the pan incident and a judge ordered her to undergo a mental health evaluation.

Here the kicker. If she passes the evaluation, she will be put into . . . you guessed it . . . home confinement. Just her and her stereo.

Source: NBC

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  1. Kraaken:

    Washington’s State Constitution requires a bail be offered to any non-capital defendant. So judges rarely can hold a person without bond. In this case the defendant showed an extremely high probability of re-offense and a clear and present danger to the public so the bail was set that high.

    In most other cases bail is an order of magnitude lower than this.

  2. I’ll be darned. That’s the woman who lived next door to me in every apartment I ever had. Stole my paper, too.

    Home confinement? Oh no! NoNoNoNoNoNo. Nope. No way. Say it ain’t so, Joe!

  3. Right you are, Darren. I just think it was overkill (on BOTH sides). BTW, a million dollars cash? Doesn’t that violate the 8th amendment, excessive bail? I understand it was the fourth arrest in 36 hours, but isn’t that what a ‘drunk tank’ is for?

  4. Imagine this woman as your neighbor. What an ordeal.

    There was a man arrested where I worked in LE four times for DUI in less than a day and a half. He bailed out the first three times. He managed to squeak through the cracks each successive time because he happened to get a new crew at the jail each time he was arrested, so nobody recognized him.

    On his last DUI, where WSP arrested him after a collision he was involved in, he got the same crew at the jail. They punched him up in the booking system and saw that he had been picked up thrice before.

    In WA LEOs can telephone a judge after an arrest and make a preliminary bail request on behalf of the state to set bail at a different rate than what is standard for booking due to aggravating or mitigating circumstances. It’s rarely done, I’ve only done it four or five times, mostly to request reductions in bail. But this one certainly was aggravated.

    The WSP Trooper called a judge who set the bail on the defendant’s fourth arrest at One Million Dollars, cash only.

  5. >”Coffey was arrested four times in 36 hours — three times for playing “Highway To Hell” and other songs too loudly. “<

    Would this have been a problem if she was playing, say, 'La Traviata'? I agree Rafflaw. It is hilarious and pathetic at the same time. Did these cops have no cars driving by with rap 'music' blaring that they could stop? How about a party with Snoop-Dogg shaking the rafters? Sure, bring her in ONCE, if you MUST, but when the behaviour is repeated, I would be inclined to suspect that the woman wasn't playing with a full deck. Probably the effects of 'Guns-and Roses' turning the brain to mush.

  6. First they came for my loud music which was marching music for my militia. Then they came for my guns. Lastly they came for me. And me and my militia were not jazzed up or armed. It is hell to be depressed and just have some turds to throw at em.

  7. itchinbaydog, My old man would tell me the ice cream truck played music when they were OUT of ice cream.

  8. If it was the federal cops then Obama would be on the hook for violating her civil liberties. See the article with Turley and his pal on Obama and civil liberties. All she was doing was playing music! Loud? Listen to the ice cream truck when it jingles by. She was making a statement, petitioning her government for redress of grievances. First Amendment. Loud and clear. No federal appeals court job for Turley in the District of Columbia Court of Appeals when The Willard gets elected. Locked up without bail? Psycho evaluation? When? Give her a job at that Busch Gardens place as a cab driver so Turley’s kids can get a ride from the ferris wheel to their daddy’s car.

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