To Russia With Love: The Democratic National Convention Mistakingly Salutes The Russian Navy

It may be the ultimate dream come true for Republicans: the Democratic National Convention saluting the brave comrades of the Russian Black Sea Fleet. That appears to have occurred according to Navy experts who have identified the images of ships used at the convention as our Russian brothers and sisters in arms. When retired Adm. John Nathman, a former commander of Fleet Forces Command, took the podium to honor America’s veterans, it appears that someone did not bother to check the identity of the warships used as the backdrop. [Update: the DNC has now apologized for the oversight]

One former Navy vet spotted the problem immediately. Rob Barker, 38, a former electronics warfare technician, quickly identified the closest ship as the Kara-class cruiser Kerch.
Moreover, the ship in the foreground is featuring a MR-700 Podberezovik 3-D early warning radar, commonly known as a “Flat Screen” radar used by the Russians. There are other telltale signs.

There is one spin I can suggest however for the DNC. The assumption was that the tribute was to the large ships. However, if you look closely there are seven planes that fly by which appear to be F-5 jets. It could be treated as a tribute to those brave American pilots in their trainers facing off against the Black Sea Fleet.

Of course, while defending taxes on the wealthy and national health care, the image of a line of Russian warships coming toward you might not be the best visual for the DNC.

Source: Navy Times

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  2. The RepubliCons, at their Convention, sang the National Anthem and held up a U.S. Flag, stars, bars and all, made in China! Those dirty rats. One in seven Republican conservative in Ohio thinks that Romney killed Bin Laden. Two in seven think that Bin Laden was a sit com on the Comedy Channel that Romney didnt like when he ran Bain Capital. Romeny is campaigning on a promise to add One Hundred Thousand more troops, more planes, more ships at sea than the Pentagon has a desire for. Romney was born in Michigan, was Governor of Massachusetts, has his money in the Cayman Islands and Switzerland and talks like he is still in prep school. Romney=Romani or Roma or in English: Gypsie. His granma was Gypsie Rose Lee. Granpa had eight wives and lived in Mexico to avoid the draft. The Mittster fled to Europe to avoid the draft. Mormonism is a front. My rant is about as relevant as the poster of the navy ships which is the topic here.

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  9. OS: I agree, no matter what it means, because the folks of the adversarial legal system NEVER get stuff right! It’s simpler MY WAY.

  10. This event seems to me to be a fairly decent endorsement of the field work research findings of my bioengineering doctorate; all mistakes which have actually happened were actually unavoidable when they happened; the simple evidence of this being that all the mistakes which have actually happened were actually unavoidable when they were actually not avoided.

    If the legal theory of unforeseen foreseeable events giving rise to tort liability is actually scientifically valid, why haven’t the folks of the adversarial legal system clearly foreseen, and proclaimed, its falsification via biological pattern recognition methodologies?

  11. One of the challenges of learning to fly radio control model airplanes is the fact there is no feedback from the controller. There is no stick or rudder pressure to ‘feel.’

  12. My first reaction: LOL But then I wonder if it was an honest screw up or if it was a mole’s bit of insider sabotage?

    “We are getting ours from people who are angry at us simply because our
    oil ended up under their soil.” (Dredd)

    Wouldn’t be much of a problem but we end up killing members of their families so the oil companies can claim it.

  13. Blouise, LOL, yea, DARPA is mucking about with battlefield robots when they should be looking over the horizon to the Kraken family of weapons. If the psychology of your battlefield presence is an integral part of battle-planning which would you rather have your enemy facing?

    Battlefield robot:


    My money is on the Kraken.

  14. I like the feedback to the pilot. Shows we are not up to the task. Well, my part of the Ericsson company did the computers and the software. It did a slow speed parade by over Lake Mälaren to the center of town and returned, whereupon after a barely perceptible up-and-down nose movements, it flipped up

    90 degrees. The forward speed in the original line of flight became zero, the pilot ejected, the plane returned to horizontal position and sank relatively slowly to the ground hissing like a dragon, zero forward speed. Crowds were only 50 meters away. And less than that to those on the bridge. I ran to it over the bridge, looked over the railing and by then plain clothed security (secrets?) people were there and chased all away from the railing. There is a little monument there today.

    I had forgotten about the Wright design. But is there a parallel to front wheel drive and backwheel drive in cars. Understeering versus oversteering. Pressure surfaces placement versus centers of gravity and leverage, etc. Can’t do aerodynamics.

    Although was terrific at folding newspapers while cycling with no hands and landing them at 20 yards on small porchs.

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