Bird’s Eye View: Sea Seagull Steals Tourist’s Camera And Films Sunset Over The Golden Gate Bridge

French tourist Nathalie Rollandin may have the ultimate video from San Francisco. While filming the sunset on the Golden Gate Bridge, a seagull snatched the camera out of her hands and recorded a bird’s eye view of the water and sunset.

After the snatch, Rollandin , 26, ran around asking people if they saw a seagull with a camera. The Seagull eventually dropped the camera on a walkway next to the St. Francis Yacht Club. When she looked at the film, the results were incredible.

Source: CBS

11 thoughts on “Bird’s Eye View: Sea Seagull Steals Tourist’s Camera And Films Sunset Over The Golden Gate Bridge”

  1. I have been on the San Francisco Bay bridge. The walkway, and the car both. Good for the bird. They’ll steal whatever they can get.

  2. I thought the video was actually quite artistic.

    the begining shows the snatching away of the camera and the flight over the water, wingtips just visible at times. One can see the nature of bird flight in the bobbing up and down as the bird flaps its wings. The bird lands and the camera faces where he flew from, then flies off directly into the sunset disappearing, only to be replaced to a sillhouette of the woman / protagonist running toward the camera to retrieve it. It was nice I thought.

    it also had a bit of a Plymptoons element as well, especially with respect to his first person perspective cartoons.

  3. And, people who feed seagulls on the beach should be required to do community service cleaning up gull poop.

  4. Nal,

    No eye for composition, but at least it set the camera upright for the post landing shot.

  5. That’s funny…. I didn’t have that experience….but, I have been on the beach most of the week enjoying what life has to offer…..It has been peaceful…..

  6. That has got to be the coolest thing EVER! We even saw the culprit fly away, and the lady come get her camera. This is WONDERFUL!

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