30 thoughts on “First Bark”

  1. bETTY kATH,

    That’s alright to go over to that theme.
    It is on most minds now. My niece emailed, who hates politics, said it is getting wild out there. She also
    said that people are hurting, which is code for “desparate and the steps left are not good ones”.

  2. matt j.

    I know you for not liking the yapping of beagles.
    But old Darwin-me looks for a cause. The combined yapping confuses the rabbit, making him an easier booty. +++++

  3. rafflaw 1, September 20, 2012 at 10:11 pm

    That isan adorable puppy!
    Puppy will grow up.

  4. Holy s…, I just watched Jon Stewart’s show from last night. Wow! He nailed it. Dynamite. All that stuff I wrote in previous post? Watch Stewart. He said all that and more and a lot better than I did.

  5. re: the 47% discussion. What Stewart and Maddow and Romney all seem to be missing is that the most voracious parasites are the multi-national corporations that get huge government contracts, frequently cost-plus, that provide significant profits and then they pay no taxes or they get tax refunds on taxes they didn’t pay. And then there are the government decision-makers who get money from the government in amounts that many of those Romney points to would like to have, Michelle Bachman and Paul Ryan are two on the tip of my tongue but there are others, probably nearly everyone in Congress. Romney has undoubtedly received government funds as well. From his remarks in one of the debates, it sounds as if all of his income is capital gains. Capital gains are moneys unlike wages. You don’t work capital gains. In times past he would be called a coupon clipper. Imo, capital gains should be taxed at rate higher than other income b/c less effort is required to get it.

    ok, it’s off topic. Think about that cute puppy.

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