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  1. Matt J.
    Last comment for the day. I followed a buddy out with his two beagles (in the states). They nosed up and chased a rabbit, often losing sight of it, but finally the rabbit made a mistake as they got closer, made a dash right into their jaws. Wow.

  2. TomMil 1, September 20, 2012 at 10:39 am

    He/she’s a Beagle. I predict there will come a day that the owners regret this development.
    Beagles were bred to kill rabbits. Once the puppy turns into a dog and starts barking, they won’t be able to get it to stop.

  3. Yes, and he never did bark much unless somebody tried to get on a bicycle — then he went berzerk and barked like a mother! He even attacked my kid (his own alpha!) and nipped his ankle because he was on a bike!

  4. Awwwww, curtest puppy ever! Thanks for finding the link to an unprotected vid Nal.

    Malisha, I had a little cocker spaniel that was amazed at the sound of her first bark- did that surprised, big eyed, look around for where the sound came from reaction. I bet you had a great laugh at/with your pup.

  5. as cute as that is hate to be a downer but sounds like they are trying to coax her to get down and she might be afraid to do it.
    nevertheless it is so cute.

  6. There are dogs in Africa who HAVE no bark! I forgot their name, maybe basengi? I don’t know how they say, “HEY!”

    My grand-whippet was so astonished when he first barked (it was on the Fourth of July and he heard fireworks and got alarmed!) that he ran in a circle trying to figure out who made the noise! It was hilarious.

  7. He/she’s a Beagle. I predict there will come a day that the owners regret this development.

  8. lottakatz
    1, September 20, 2012 at 2:41 am
    thanks for that link lottakatz, it has made my morning! (and thank G*d for Jon Stewart….)

  9. Lotta – on Morning Addition today the Nice Polite Republicans had a Gallup pollster who did an excellent job of spinning the GOP framing for Willards 47% remark & then made a very nice case for why most Americans believe it. All in the guise of discussing a recent poll. By this weekends chat shows the buffoons will be praising Willard for his deep understanding of whats wrong with America and his brave position!

  10. We could not get the video to play or “load” or “download”. That dog needs a home in our dogpack. He needs to learn how to Bark!

  11. My sister had a dog that didn’t bark. It stayed with me for a few months and never barked. She had him with her during a visit to another sister who had squirrels in the back yard that scared him. Another dog chased the squirrels away by barking. Sister’s dog learned. The only time he barked, ever, was to chase the squirrels away.

    My dog barks to let me know someone is close by outdoors. When I go out without him I always get a warm welcome home. If I’ve been gone too long I get a barking scold mixed in with the warm welcome. Seems like the kind of reaction parents have when a child doesn’t come home on time and doesn’t call. Hugs and scolds at the same time.

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